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Gentoo Linux 2005.0 Story Clarification
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 1:46 am    Post subject: Gentoo Linux 2005.0 Story Clarification Reply with quote

For those that have seen the article, and /. posting, but do not frequent
Gentoo Linux 2005.0 Story Clarification
Posted on 30 November 2004 by Jeffrey Forman

As many of you already know, there was a recent article regarding the 2004.3 and 2005.0 releases posted on the ZDNet UK web site. In this article, the reporter presented much of the information given to her by Chris Gianelloni incorrectly. Chris does not think Mrs. Marson did this intentionally but rather out of a lack of understanding of some of the things she was told. Although the 2005.0 release will include an X-based experimental LiveCD, it will not be the primary release. The Release Engineering team plans to release 2005.0 just like 2004.3, with minimal, universal, and package CDs.

Another thing mentioned in the article was a graphical installer. Although there are plans on having a graphical installer for Gentoo, it is far from complete. Chris told Mrs. Marson that there would be a limited-functionality version of this installer on the experimental CD that would support AMD64 and x86. It will most likely be curses-based, or possibly GTK+, if the interface is completed, and it will not have any of the enterprise-ready features, such as machine cloning. At one point, Mrs. Marson quotes Chris as saying, "The graphical installer will have lots of facilities like Red Hat kickstart. You can create a script, containing details on, for example, what packages you want installed. You can then feed the same script to the installer on every machine, so that it will install identically." Chris did say this, but he also said this functionality would not be available for some time.

Although Mrs. Marson was correct in the features that will some day come to Gentoo, her timetable was incorrect. One thing that is definitely positive is that this has shed quite a bit of light on our installer project, which has been working away and deserves all our support. We can only hope that this will end up a positive experience for us all.

For those with the urge to discuss it, see 2005.0 GUI installer.

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