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LinDVD sound trouble
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Joined: 04 Sep 2007
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:35 pm    Post subject: LinDVD sound trouble Reply with quote


I have just installed LinDVD on my computer and it starts and plays DVDs but the sound is making problems. I get sound, but it is horribly distorted. I use a Creative Xmod which usually works fine. I tried all possible settings. Sorry I cannot desribe my problem better.

Hope someone has an idea.
Thanks in advance.

emerge --info:

Portage 2.2_rc13 (default-linux/amd64/2007.0, gcc-4.3.2, glibc-2.8_p20080602-r0, 2.6.27-gentoo x86_64)
System uname: Linux-2.6.27-gentoo-x86_64-Intel-R-_Core-TM-2_Duo_CPU_T7700_@_2.40GHz-with-glibc2.2.5
Timestamp of tree: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 08:46:01 +0000
app-shells/bash:     3.2_p39
dev-java/java-config: 1.3.7, 2.1.6-r1
dev-lang/python:     2.5.2-r8
dev-python/pycrypto: 2.0.1-r6
dev-util/cmake:      2.6.2
sys-apps/baselayout: 2.0.0
sys-apps/openrc:     0.3.0-r1
sys-devel/autoconf:  2.13, 2.63
sys-devel/automake:  1.4_p6, 1.5, 1.7.9-r1, 1.8.5-r3, 1.9.6-r2, 1.10.1-r1
sys-devel/binutils:  2.19
sys-devel/gcc-config: 1.4.0-r4
sys-devel/libtool:   2.2.6a
virtual/os-headers:  2.6.27-r2
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="amd64 ~amd64"
CFLAGS="-march=nocona -O2 -pipe"
CONFIG_PROTECT="/etc /usr/kde/3.5/env /usr/kde/3.5/share/config /usr/kde/3.5/shutdown /usr/share/config /var/lib/hsqldb"
CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/ca-certificates.conf /etc/env.d /etc/env.d/java/ /etc/fonts/fonts.conf /etc/gconf /etc/gentoo-release /etc/php/apache2-php5/ext-active/ /etc/php/cgi-php5/ext-active/ /etc/php/cli-php5/ext-active/ /etc/revdep-rebuild /etc/terminfo /etc/texmf/web2c /etc/udev/rules.d"
CXXFLAGS="-march=nocona -O2 -pipe"
FEATURES="distlocks parallel-fetch preserve-libs protect-owned sandbox sfperms strict unmerge-orphans userfetch"
LINGUAS="de en"
PORTAGE_RSYNC_OPTS="--recursive --links --safe-links --perms --times --compress --force --whole-file --delete --stats --timeout=180 --exclude=/distfiles --exclude=/local --exclude=/packages"
PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage/layman/sunrise /usr/local/portage/layman/enlightenment /usr/local/portage"
USE="X a52 acl acpi additions addressbook alsa amd64 applet artworkextra bash-completion battery berkdb blender-game bluetooth bzip2 cairo calendar cddb cdparanoia cdr cisco clamav clamd cli cpufreq cracklib crypt cups dbus dga djvu dri dvd dvdr dvdread dvi encode esd exif ffmpeg fftw firefox fits fortran ftp gd gdbm gedit gif gimp gnome gnome-keyring gnuplot gphoto2 gpm gps graphviz gstreamer gtk hal hdri htmlhandbook iconv icq ieee1394 ifp imagemagick imap imlib ipod ipv6 isdnlog jabber jbig jpeg jpeg2k kde kerberos kig-scripting kipi kpathsea lame laptop latex lcms ldap lm_sensors logitech-mouse logrotate marble midi mikmod mmx mp3 mpeg mplayer msn mtp mudflap musicbrainz mysqli ncurses networkmanager njb nls nptl nptlonly nsplugin ntfs offensive ogg openal openexr opengl openmp openvpn pam pcre pda pdf perl php plasma plotutils png postscript povray ppds pppd python qt3 qt4 quicktime raw readline reflection rss sasl scanner sdl session solver soundtouch spell spl sse sse2 ssl startup-notification subversion svg tcpd threads tiff timidity truetype unicode usb v4l v4l2 vamp vcd vim-syntax visualization vorbis webdav wifi wmf wxwindows x264 xcomposite xine xinerama xmp xorg xpm xscreensaver xulrunner zip zlib" ALSA_CARDS="ali5451 als4000 atiixp atiixp-modem bt87x ca0106 cmipci emu10k1x    ens1370 ens1371 es1938 es1968 fm801 hda-intel intel8x0 intel8x0m maestro3    trident usb-audio via82xx via82xx-modem ymfpci" ALSA_PCM_PLUGINS="adpcm alaw asym copy dmix dshare dsnoop empty extplug file hooks iec958 ioplug ladspa lfloat linear meter mmap_emul mulaw multi null plug rate route share shm softvol" APACHE2_MODULES="actions alias auth_basic authn_alias authn_anon authn_dbm authn_default authn_file authz_dbm authz_default authz_groupfile authz_host authz_owner authz_user autoindex cache dav dav_fs dav_lock deflate dir disk_cache env expires ext_filter file_cache filter headers include info log_config logio mem_cache mime mime_magic negotiation rewrite setenvif speling status unique_id userdir usertrack vhost_alias" CAMERAS="canon" ELIBC="glibc" INPUT_DEVICES="wacom evdev keyboard mouse synaptics" KERNEL="linux" LCD_DEVICES="bayrad cfontz cfontz633 glk hd44780 lb216 lcdm001 mtxorb ncurses text" LINGUAS="de en" USERLAND="GNU" VIDEO_CARDS="nvidia"
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Joined: 04 Sep 2007
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Turns out the problem is with the Xmod, though it works fine with other apps. Is there some easy way to make LinDVD use another soundcard without remapping the sound devices (LinDVD settings offer nothing in that way). BTW LinDVD version is 1.2.5.
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