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dev-lang/fpc-2.4.2 ebuild
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:54 am    Post subject: dev-lang/fpc-2.4.2 ebuild Reply with quote

It seems no-one takes care of the dev-lang/fpc ebuilds any longer. The last one found in portage is for version 2.4.0, which is about year-and-a-half old. The most useful, current version (2.4.2) is already half year old, but unavailable for gentoo users. This makes using dev-lang/lazarus hard because of the outdated compiler (most problems on lazarus forums are discussed with reference to version 2.4.2 of Free Pascal Compiler).

So I decided to give it a try and created an ebuild that works for me (based on the one for version 2.4.0). This is rather crude, but it works for me. Please test!

# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $


inherit eutils

RESTRICT="strip" #269221


DESCRIPTION="Free Pascal Compiler"
   amd64? ( mirror://sourceforge/${MY_PN}/Linux/${PV}/${P}.x86_64-linux.tar )
   x86? ( mirror://sourceforge/${MY_PN}/Linux/${PV}/${P}.i386-linux.tar )
   source? ( mirror://sourceforge/${MY_PN}/Source/${PV}/${P}.source.tar.gz )"

IUSE="doc source"

#   >=sys-devel/binutils-2.19.1-r1"

src_unpack() {
   case ${ARCH} in
      x86)   FPC_ARCH="386" ;;
      ppc)   FPC_ARCH="ppc" ;;
      amd64)   FPC_ARCH="x86_64" ;;
      sparc)   FPC_ARCH="sparc" ;;
      *)   die "This ebuild doesn't support ${ARCH}." ;;

   unpack ${A} || die "Unpacking ${A} failed!"

   #cd "${WORKDIR}"
   #for comp in *.deb; do
   #   ebegin "  Unpacking $comp"
   #   ar x "$comp"
   #   tar jxf data.tar.bz2
   #   eend $?

   #tar -xf binary.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar || die "Unpacking binary.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar failed!"
   unpack ./binary.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar || die "Unpacking binary.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar failed!"
   unpack ./base.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar.gz || die "Unpacking base.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar.gz failed!"
   #tar -xzf base.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar.gz || die "Unpacking base.${FPC_ARCH}-linux.tar.gz failed!"

   cd "${S}"
   sed -i -e 's/ -Xs / /g' $(find . -name Makefile) || die "sed failed"

set_pp() {
   case ${1} in
   bootstrap)   pp="${WORKDIR}"/lib/fpc/${PV_BIN}/ppc${FPC_ARCH} ;;
   new)    pp="${S}"/compiler/ppc${FPC_ARCH} ;;
   *)   die "set_pp: unknown argument: ${1}" ;;

src_compile() {
   case ${ARCH} in
      x86)   FPC_ARCH="386" ;;
      ppc)   FPC_ARCH="ppc" ;;
      amd64)   FPC_ARCH="x64" ;;
      sparc)   FPC_ARCH="sparc" ;;
      *)   die "This ebuild doesn't support ${ARCH}." ;;
   local pp

   # Using the bootstrap compiler.
   set_pp bootstrap

   emake -j1 PP="${pp}" compiler_cycle || die "make compiler_cycle failed!"

   # Save new compiler from cleaning...
   cp "${S}"/compiler/ppc${FPC_ARCH} "${S}"/ppc${FPC_ARCH}.new

   # ...rebuild with current version...
   emake -j1 PP="${S}"/ppc${FPC_ARCH}.new compiler_cycle || die "make compiler_cycle failed!"

   # ..and clean up afterwards
   rm "${S}"/ppc${FPC_ARCH}.new

   # Using the new compiler.
   set_pp new

   emake -j1 PP="${pp}" rtl_clean || die "make rtl_clean failed"

   emake -j1 PP="${pp}" rtl packages_all utils || die "make failed"

src_install() {
   local pp
   set_pp new

   set -- PP="${pp}" FPCMAKE="${S}/utils/fpcm/fpcmake" \
      INSTALL_PREFIX="${D}"usr \
      INSTALL_DOCDIR="${D}"usr/share/doc/${P} \
      INSTALL_MANDIR="${D}"usr/share/man \

   emake -j1 "$@" compiler_install rtl_install packages_install \
      utils_install || die "make install failed!"

   dosym ../lib/fpc/${PV}/ppc${FPC_ARCH} /usr/bin/ppc${FPC_ARCH}

   #cd "${S}"/../install/doc
   #emake -j1 "$@" installdoc || die "make installdoc failed!"

   cd "${S}"/../man
   doman man1/*.1 man5/*.5
   #emake -j1 "$@" installman || die "make installman failed!"

   if use doc ; then
      cd "${S}"/../share/doc || die
      insinto /usr/share/doc/${P}
      doins -r * || die "doins fpdocs failed"
      newins "${WORKDIR}"/fpc-${PV}-fpctoc.htx fpctoc.htx || die "newins fpctoc.htx failed"

   if use source ; then
      cd "${S}"
      emake -j1 PP="${D}"usr/bin/ppc${FPC_ARCH} "$@" sourceinstall || die "make sourceinstall failed!"
      find "${D}"usr/lib/fpc/${PV}/source -name '*.o' -exec rm {} \;

   "${D}"usr/lib/fpc/${PV}/samplecfg "${D}"usr/lib/fpc/${PV} "${D}"etc || die "samplecfg failed"
   sed -i -e "s:${D}:/:g" "${D}"etc/fpc.cfg || die "sed fpc.cfg failed"

   rm -rf "${D}"usr/lib/fpc/lexyacc

I'm sure it needs some cleanup - please help!

EDIT: posted at the bugzilla as well: 363677
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