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[Info] Gentoo Install on Acer Switch
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:44 am    Post subject: [Info] Gentoo Install on Acer Switch Reply with quote

I looked for a post such as this and didn't find one. I'm not usually one to post; but, I figured it could help. I have Gentoo working on my Acer Switch Alpha 12. Everything seems to run smoothly though there were a few gotchas.

The touch screen was tricky to find, Its an i2c_hid and so the bus needs a driver with the specific device needing a driver too. The touch and pen driver is called i2c_designware. I based my configuration off of the Fedora 29 live media; so, the i2c_hid driver is compiled as a module while i2c_designware is compiled into the kernel. I also included hid_multitouch as a module. The touch works in both screen orientations while the pen orientation is off when the screen is flipped longways.

Screen Rotation
This requires some more hid drivers. I compiled them as modules.


Furthermore, there is a required middle man to make screen rotation happen. There is an explanation on this thread about iio sensors. iio-sensor-proxy will provide the gyro and light sensor needed to dim the screen and rotate it. I struggled with the custom ebuilds and decided to download source from github.

Detachable Keyboard/Mouse
I let genkernel configure this for me. I set the following in /etc/portage/make.conf

INPUT_DEVICES="evdev libinput"

libinput manages the keyboard and mouse nicely. The side buttons on the screen and the function buttons all mapped correctly.

Web Cam
I let genkernel configure my webcam drivers. The front cam is recognized while the rear camera is not.

The chipset is Atheros. The driver is ath10k_pci; which, I compiled as a module.

I let genkernel configure the drivers. I struggled some getting audio over bluetooth; however, this post helped with my issues.

Take Away
Everything works nicely after about a week of work. I was previously running Fedora 29 and wanted to spend some time with Gentoo, after being gone for a few years. With the exception of Plymouth, I have everything running as it was on Fedora.
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