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Bluetooth mouse shuts down system
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:50 pm    Post subject: Bluetooth mouse shuts down system Reply with quote

Hi, I'm having the weirdest problem I've had with GNU in 15 years....

It all started yesterday when I found an old bluetooth mouse lying around in a drawer. I didn't have an external mouse for my laptop and decided to put some old batteries and see if it still worked. And it did, surprisingly well.

After about five minutes of web browsing, kde shows a notification from "system console" warning about a system shutdown... and it went to init 0 just like when I press the power button.

Boot again, start browsing again and 30 seconds later... my laptop shuts down again. Power up my laptop again and the mouse runs out of battery, and the laptop runs smoothly until I put some fresh batteries, and the laptop shuts down once more. It only happens when I use the bluetooth mouse, but sometimes it takes 30 seconds and sometimes 30 minutes, completely random.

I'm 100% sure the culprit is the mouse (bluedevil?) and that something is sending a "shutdown" command, but I have no idea how to debug this, in /var/log/messages just says "shutting down", "going to init 0" just like a normal shutdown.

Is there any way to see where was the shutdown command sent from? acpid? kde power management? Or what user/group did?

Any hints as to where should I look would be gratly appreciated.

(BTW, I'm running a pretty standard gentoo 100% stable. Only Steam from the steam overlay installed)
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