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First Gentoo experience...horrible [solved]
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Selenia wrote:
For the end user, it is not so bad because it provides a common uniform interface for packages to build against.

That's got zero to do with an end-user.
As an end user, it serves me well. Mainly because since the switch, I have not had to tackle race issues with some hardware support and software setups(with sysVinit and especially upstart).

That's sysv-rc, not sysvinit; and we moved past that on Gentoo about a decade ago. The rest of the Linux distros just kept running around like headless chickens writing crap shell and then blaming it on sh.
I have better things to worry about than my init setup, so as a user, I stick with what just works.

Yeah that's how I've always felt about openrc: most of us weren't even aware of it as a package (we knew about baselayout-2 and rc-update, sure), and indeed some of weren't even aware that other distros were still so borked in their approach.

We kind of took it for granted that since we had such a clean, next-generation init-system that handled dependencies properly, so did everyone else.

Turns out RedHat couldn't even manage dispatch-conf/etc-update (hence the splattering of config files anywhere but /etc.)
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Please do not turn this thread into yet another systemd one. I intentionally mentioned systemd only somewhere in the middle of the list as an example about choice.
No idea how you want to conclude from such a list that I am a "systemd-hater".
Probably systemd-haters actually don't exist except in the imagination of the gigantic systemd propaganda industry. Of course, there are people who hate that others want to decide for them what to install on their systems. And being forced to installi insecure and ill-conceived unnessarily complex beta systen software is in fact a problem only of the users and administrators, not at all a problem of developers. Of course, in gentoo there are a lot of responsible developers who actually care about their users...
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