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systemd automount mobile issues
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:03 pm    Post subject: systemd automount mobile issues Reply with quote

hi there,

earlier when i pluged in my mobile it was being automounted at /var/run/media/user/876897-231313

i thought thats much too long a path and decided to add a line in fstab that the mobile can be automounted at /mnt/phone...

/dev/sdc1 /mnt/phone auto noatime 0 1

that works quite well as long as the phone is plugged in, it is being automounted at system start

BUT if i start the system without my mobile i have several issues :

1. systemd-udev is waiting 1.30 minute for the phone to be connected

2. much worse : system starts in recovery mode

journalctl has got 4 red error and is complaing about :


Timed out waiting for device dev-sdc1.device.

Dependency failed for /mnt/phone

Dependency failed for Local File Systems

Dependency failed for File System Check on /dev/sdc1

any help on this behaviour is very much appreciated , thanks in advance
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think the easiest solution is to make a symbolic link to the long name (ln -s /var/run/media/user/876897-231313 /mnt/phone). Supposedly your "mobile" (phone... ugh. Sorry, I have a pet peeve against using adjectives as a noun, I was confused about what you were talking about until I saw the fstab line :)) should mount in the same place each time.

The fstab entry has a lot of issues as you found out. First off the fstab will try to mount every startup, whether you have it connected or not. This probably isn't the behavior you want because you may or may not have it connected. You could try using "noauto" mount but it will not automount. Another problem is that your phone may not always show up at /dev/sdc1 if you're also using other storage devices at the same time. Note that this is not a problem specific to systemd - it would be a problem with any init system.

The number "876897-231313" should be the msdos FAT label of the media you're mounting (or it could be the serial number if you randomly mashed keys to disguise it, as it should be two four hexadecimal digits separated by a hyphen). You can try adding a msdos label to the media but it will still be in /var/run/media/user/xxxx.

You can also set up a udev rule, but I think the link or label changes probably are the easiest and least intrusive ways to make a bit more memorable.
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