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Sudden but persisting fan-speed and battery level issues
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:13 pm    Post subject: Sudden but persisting fan-speed and battery level issues Reply with quote

Hello, a few days ago I rebooted my computer - just to find out it would not boot. I found out that was because some directories from underneath /lib got moved all over the place. Crazy - right? To this day, I have no idea what happened. Iamben (a knowledgeable seeming guy on IRC) suggested that something like `$(some-internal-portage-comand)` had started pointing to / instead of /usr/lib64 or something. Not to be ignored, is the fact that both / and /usr/ were littered with files called lib or liblib or libliblib - all of them containing some text saying they exist as a fix to this bug. Strange, right?

In any case I SOLVED that issue by manually moving my directories back where they belonged, booting up (surprisingly that worked) and running emerge -e world to make sure all my packages would contain all the files they need.

Almost everything is working nicely again, with two very annoying exceptions:

* My laptop is no longer able to show my battery level (it always says something like 18-22%), and it is no longer showing when I am charging (charging works, though)
* One of my laptop fans is on at full speed ALL THE TIME. The noise it is making is revolting - it's louder than anything I ever heard form a laptop (and mind you this is one f those new fancy boxes, where normally you wouldn't even guess it had a fan if you would not see the vents).

What can I co? can you help me out?

I tried running

find /usr -exec qfile -o {} \; | while read l; do dir=`dirname $l`; file=`basename $l`; mkdir -p /backup/$dir; mv $l /backup/$l; done

to find what files are orphaned and move them, and then this

emerge -av1 `qlist --installed --nocolor | uniq | while read cp; do qlist --exact $cp | while read file; do test -e $file || { echo $cp; echo "$cp: missing $file (and maybe more)" 1>&2; break; }; done; done`

to emerge any packages from which I might have deleted any files - but all to no avail :-/
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