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OpenJump [GIS]
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PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 8:18 pm    Post subject: OpenJump [GIS] Reply with quote

There's a great tool that is java based for dealing with maps and matters of geogaphic information systems ("GIS"), it is called OpenJump. I've been using it for years on a Windows desktop tying it into my postgreSQL/postGIS database to create maps and do interesting things.

Recently I have had to work from a Genoo based laptop, so I went about installing OpenJump and found it did not work straight out of the box. Below are steps I took to get it to work on my system:

Select which Java environment I'll run in with "eselect java-vm".

Downloaded the jar file, OpenJUMP-Installer-1.8.0-r4164-PLUS.jar, from

Run the install with:
java -jar OpenJUMP-Installer-1.8.0-r4164-PLUS.jar

I found that after the installation, the start icon placed in my menu (XFCE) caused a terminal window to start up saying it could not find my java. After searching about and studying the matter, I decided upon this fix to get OpenJump to play nicely with Gentoo's selectable Java paradigm. I inserted this script snippit into /usr/local/OpenJUMP-1.8.0-r4164-PLUS/bin/

Insert after the remm'd line for setting JAVA_HOME:
# What brand of Linux are we in?
RELEASE=`cat /etc/*-release`
if [[ $RELEASE =~ "Gentoo" ]]; then
    echo "This is a Gentoo-based Linux, so using selected java:"
    # first check if user has overriden system designation
    # user may not have specified, so it could be nonexistent
    CURRENT_VM=`readlink -f ~/.gentoo/java-config-2/current-user-vm`

    if [[ $CURRENT_VM == "" ]]; then
        # Gentoo has a configurable/selectable Java environment
        # managed by the link current-system-vm, so read where
        # the link currently points to
        CURRENT_VM=`readlink -f /etc/java-config-2/current-system-vm`
        echo Using system java setting
        echo Using user\'s java setting

   echo "  setting JAVA_HOME to: $JAVA_HOME"

I've alerted the developers and am engaged in a discussion about whether they should adopt my snippet into their script, see

I hope this helps someone and saves time. OpenJump is a great tool and I watch the project with great interest.
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