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udev not loading drivers
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:07 am    Post subject: udev not loading drivers Reply with quote

Some background first, you may want to skip to the next paragraph for the core question. Recently I upgraded from udev 217 to 220-r2. I guess that in consequence of that, my next boot would result in a display manager login screen where typing any key did show no result. The host wasn't reachable by ssh either. I had to reset it. After some experimentation with older kernel versions, I found that I could boot my system if I used a dracut-generated initramfs instead of the no-initramfs approach which I prefer. I'm glad I had that image created nonetheless, motivated by the fact that officially /usr has to be mounted before init starts. OK, so with dracut I could get keyboard and mouse input, but still had no network. The driver for my network interface wasn't even loaded. When I added the kernel module for the network interface to dracut, the module got loaded, but the card had the wrong name. I guess I could get this to work, by either enabling dracut's network module (which requires some DHCP client I haven't installed), or by including the udev rules file for network names. But I don't want my network set up by the initramfs. I want to do the bare minimum in there, i.e. mount /usr, then let normal system boot handle all my hardware. Adding rc_net_net0_need="udev-settle" to my /etc/conf.d/net didn't suffice. Although the boot log shows that the dependency was honoured, the network driver still doesn't get loaded. What I did now was add that module to /etc/conf.d/modules, but that approach of manually specifying the modules to load feels rather antique. Come to think of it, probably my no-input scenario was due to the fact that some USB keyboard driver didn't get loaded automatically. I guess that when I get automatic module loading for my NIC back, I might be able to work without the initramfs again.

So my core question is this: Was there any change from udev 217 to 220-r2 or in some other recent ~amd64 package upgrade, which could be responsible for the fact that for hardware which is already present at boot the corresponding drivers won't get loaded by udev any more? Feels a bit like what the old coldplug script from years ago used to do. The udev and udev-trigger services have been started, and I even added in a dependency to udev-settle, but with no success. How is that module loading supposed to work, and how can I debug it if it doesn't work as it's supposed to?
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