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[SOLVED] seeing lots of 'kernel: traps: notification-da[] '
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:09 am    Post subject: [SOLVED] seeing lots of 'kernel: traps: notification-da[] ' Reply with quote

searching the net I found bug reports of the notification-daemon failing that included tests like this:

$ notify-send 'Hello world!' 'This is an example notification.' --icon=dialog-information

when I ran this test I got a popup window showing the text.
This popup window looked exactly like the popup window I get when I use the firefox extension 'Empty Cache Button'.

I did some hitting of the cache button which caused time matching log entries.

So, afaict, the hitting of 'Empty Cache Button' is the likely cause of the following logs entries.

looking at /var/log/messages I'm seeing these:

Aug 3 03:06:35 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[20802] trap int3 ip:7f8545b2e8be sp:7fffa6eeb3c0 error:0
Aug 3 03:08:30 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[20869] trap int3 ip:7f956ed2d8be sp:7fff5a5d2a80 error:0
Aug 3 03:48:54 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[22655] trap int3 ip:7f9469b8a8be sp:7fffe6f78d70 error:0
Aug 3 04:07:30 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[23849] trap int3 ip:7f05752bc8be sp:7ffffae200f0 error:0
Aug 3 04:09:27 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[23985] trap int3 ip:7fe480b408be sp:7fff246cf000 error:0
Aug 3 04:14:52 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[24377] trap int3 ip:7f8fb7deb8be sp:7fff47f1fa10 error:0
Aug 3 04:19:54 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[24670] trap int3 ip:7f864a3bc8be sp:7fffaa5583c0 error:0
Aug 3 04:48:38 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[26574] trap int3 ip:7f8c727a58be sp:7fffb907e920 error:0
Aug 3 04:57:32 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[26921] trap int3 ip:7f1b511908be sp:7fffa21d9db0 error:0
Aug 3 11:35:48 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[7407] trap int3 ip:7f94ca5c08be sp:7fffbe90bfa0 error:0
Aug 3 16:22:35 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[19164] trap int3 ip:7f5e608708be sp:7fffcc1c0ae0 error:0
Aug 3 21:10:56 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[29058] trap int3 ip:7f719d6938be sp:7fffebf4af90 error:0
Aug 3 23:37:12 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[4681] trap int3 ip:7f2f305848be sp:7fff985dc240 error:0
Aug 4 00:27:36 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[8521] trap int3 ip:7f5df0be68be sp:7fff42277430 error:0
Aug 4 02:25:49 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[14564] trap int3 ip:7f24db5db8be sp:7fffa08dc050 error:0
Aug 4 14:01:50 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[5818] trap int3 ip:7f95bc90e8be sp:7fffc9c7d580 error:0
Aug 4 14:39:10 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[7179] trap int3 ip:7f137e9588be sp:7fffd08c6f60 error:0
Aug 5 01:26:41 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[30216] trap int3 ip:7f2244a998be sp:7fffe1b446b0 error:0
Aug 6 03:30:59 localhost kernel: traps: notification-da[18063] trap int3 ip:7f5fe35778be sp:7fff907ea920 error:0

there are no log messages that indicate a possible relationship between these and some other event (i.e., usb).

I went through compressed logs for the prior 7 days and found no other events like these.
That last item is the last item in the current /var/log/messages file.

system has been up for 60 days

# uname -a
Linux localhost 3.16.5-gentoo #3 SMP Wed Nov 26 03:54:40 PST 2014 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Any ideas?

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