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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:21 am    Post subject: UEFI: Some basic questions / memtest86+ / Reply with quote


I recently purchased an ASUS G75VW laptop. This is the first time dealing with UEFI and with those i7 processors.

I finished yesterday cleaning this second hand laptop, applied notcua nt-h1 thermal paste on the gpu / cpu. Than i sold hte old hynix rams and replaced them with Hyperx, 16GB DDRL-1600 CL9 204 ram.

1) Does this turns on the compatilibity mode of the bios?

I already flashed the newest bios from ASUS homepage.
I think => Bios => Boot TAB -> LAUNCH CSM -> enabled (Turns on the combatibility old bios mode)

2) I can not find any recent bootable iso image which ships with recent memtest86+ (free version of memtest) to test my ram.

Some webpages claim, that booting with compatitbility mode of the bios, the memtest result will be invalid.

3) Some bootable iso images will not boot here.

Plextor Firmware updater disc for my SSD wont boot before. My workaround was to install the ssd in my previous laptop ASUS-g70sg an flash with the old type bios. The same disc was bootable there, but not on ASUS g75vw

ASUS-G75VW roman # lshw|grep PX
             product: PLEXTOR PX-128M3

There was a short line with isolinux booting what i remember, than it was some kind of MSDOS shell (could be that MSDOS open source project ...)

3b) Some hours ago I downloaded memtest86+-5.01.iso (was gzip or zip) from memtest homepage. Than i created a disc as user root with k3b and used the option burn iso image. It did not boot at all on my asus g75vw

3c) sysrescue cd does not show me any memtest option (downlaoded from gentoo tree, probably 3 weeks ago)

3d) with csm thing enalbed in the bios, and booting up the ubuntu installer dvd (downlaoded ~2 weeks ago, not the long term stable release disc), i saw suddenly with pressing once escacpe, some sort of menu, and than memtest runs with versions v4.20 and the ram timings there were shown as

RAM 798Mhz (DDR_1596) / CAS 9-9-9-27 / Dual Channel

I saw memtest at version 5 recenlty.

Can I trust this old version of memtest reporting the right timings?
I know i saw before i ditched windows 10, that my old hynix ram would run at 1600 cl 11-11-11-(forgot 4th number) in windows hardware downloaded tool.
When i understood it correctly, They run, as they should at 1600mhz, dual channel is also correct and the timings should be als what i expect at 9-9-9 instaed of 11-11-11

4) How can i deal in future with discs which do not boot at all on uefi?

5) How do i force / use memtest+ downloaded binary from their homepage with grub2? It is grub2 from portage which was installed around 3 weeks ago. I unmerged it after i had set up grub2, to prevent overwriting, or any possible overwriting of my grub.cfg. It seems this instalation does not know the bsd thing..

This entry was suggested by the web:

menuentry 'memtest'{
insmod bsd
netbsd /memtest86+-5.01.bin

Sadly it does not find first the bsd thing (i doubt it will find the memtest binary, because it needs some partition pointing too also)

6) Are my RAMS running at 9-9-9 timings? Can i trust that outdated ubuntu memtest version?

7) How can i read out the ram timings in linux? timings cas, not the 1600mhz thing.
lshw only reports the 1600mhz thing.


I am unable to get the right eeprom module loaded, so the tool is unable to read my rams. type posted above somewhere.

8) regarding i7 processors. Is the only way to read the temperature and the speed of the cpu with i7z? I want to verify if my cleaning and repasting with nocuta nt-h1 thermal paste was successful.

9) How can I stress my gpu? I prefer any fps game which could stress out a 660m GTX card. (plesae some unpaid / free to play game) I think the only way to read out the temperature is with nvidia-settings tool for the gpu, right?

10) How do i deal with this?

[   59.827639] ACPI Warning: \_SB_.PCI0.PEG0.GFX0._DSM: Argument #4 type mismatch - Found [Buffer], ACPI requires [Package] (20150619/nsarguments-95)

Still function key + f5 / f6 (the backlight changing acpi keys, do not generate any events) are not working and the backlight changing. only xbacklight tool changes the backlight only in x-server envirionment

I have not really searched for it yet, i am sure it is a kernel option which I should change.

The bios is up to date.

The kernel is not really optimized yet ( I am quite sure the config has quite some potential)


my favourite answer would be:

a) link to a native bootable memtest86+ binary bootable disc for uefi. (for uefi)
b) easy boot entry for grub2 from gentoo, so the downlaoded binary from that homepage will boot.
memtest86+-5.01.bin (removed archive, was gzip or zip type)
c) any hint regarding chainloading the optical drive or other workaround so those discs will boot.

I think i am not the first dealing with uefi and memtest. I think someone installing knows those stuff, as this should be common things.
As i bought those RAMS, I need to test those for faults soon. And I would prefer without that CSM thing and with the newest version. Some claims memtest result is invalid when running with csm turned on.

It annoys me the most that this bios thing is unable to boot many bootable iso discs which boot fine on my older notebooks with legacy bios(I just name the not uefi bios, legacy bios now).

many useless posts on the web... nothing which i can really reuse:



How can I test that i reconnected those ribbon cables correctly.

The mainboard is connected to the upper cover with several ribbon cables. The upper cover is basically where the keyboard is mounted and the trackpad. because it is a full piece, and the space contraints were very small, and difficult to mount again.

Power switch
keyboard / backlight
touchpad and touchpad keys

I just did a quick test to use a bit the touchpad / keys, and the keyboard. I also just turned on the keyboard backlight to maximum, than turned it off.

i think the other cables are fine, because i could check them visually and i had plenty of room to check them out.

when you check out the disassembly video, you will see how much space contraints those ribbon cables are when you connect / disconnect those.



2 Errors in my ACPI Table. Stupid ASUS, unable to ship a bios which works

Compilation complete. 2 Errors, 37 Warnings, 118 Remarks, 69 Optimizations, 11 Constants Folded

Time to hack that stuff to get rid of those and probably get the backlight alive.
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