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Gentoo KVM hosting Win10 with mssql on atom?
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:54 am    Post subject: Gentoo KVM hosting Win10 with mssql on atom? Reply with quote


I have 2 kvm hosts.

One is an Asus P6T, it's older.

  1. 24g maxed out.
  2. It has somewhat flaky virtual machine support
  3. SSD on a PCI sata3 interface.
  4. Several RAID drives, all spinners. These are sata2.
  5. This is an older box and I anticipate replacing it soon.
  6. Has virtualization support but VT-d is flaky and technically not working on this box.

The other is an atom:

  1. 8-core Atom c2758 processor
  2. 16g RAM expandable to 64.
  3. It's also going to host my router/firewall setup as guests.
  4. For compression and crypto, this box is faster than the i7.
  5. For regular compiling work, it's significantly slower.
  6. I don't have any more data for comparison.
  7. Does NOT have VT-d.
  8. Does have VT-x.
  9. SSD on native sata3
  10. Spinner on native sata2

I need to put a Windows 10 guest on one of these, which will have sql server 2012 r2 developer edition on it, and pretty much nothing else. I will need fairly large databases but not out of bounds for the drives I have.

I figure if I put this on the i7 I'll have to move the VM later, and don't want to get static from Microsoft about changing the hardware. I haven't talked with them about an appropriate license for virtualization, I thought to ask here first.

The question I need to ask is, has anyone done a Win10 guest on current Gentoo kvm/qemu, and have you put sql server on it? And have you done so on an 8-core communications-oriented Atom?

I will only have one running image, but that image may move to other boxes. I'd like to know:

  1. Is the atom capable of handling this type of thing as a VM guest?
  2. Can a Windows guest (particularly win10) be moved between an i7 and an atom successfully?
  3. Can it do so multiple times?

I'm aware of legal ramifications and will be talking with Microsoft about the appropriate license requirements. I'm asking on a technical level for experience with Linux-based KVM hosts running Windows 10 guests and SQL Server 2012.

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