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ACPI/EFI probs - hardware or software?
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:24 pm    Post subject: ACPI/EFI probs - hardware or software? Reply with quote


I'm having a lot of PM-related issues with my laptop recently, which seemed to start only after I upgraded to gentoo-sources-4.5.0 and acpid-2.0.27. That may well be coincidental, but I'd like to solicit some expertise before I decide it's definitely a hardware crisis (not in a good financial place for replacing a laptop or even a component if I can avoid it).

On the hardware side, the laptop is a Dell Pavilion dm1-4400as (subnotebook) bought new in 2012, running in pure EFI mode. I'm on my second aftermarket battery for it; the first was "too cheap to be true" and lasted only a month before dying utterly (firmware reported it as dead and no tricks could revive it).

Behaviour for this one, on which I spent a little more (although still not as much s an OEM part, the amazon reviews were all OK so I felt more confident), is different. None of this happened until the aforementioned upgrades had been done (which was at least two months after getting the new battery).

* Battery started "disappearing" during charging; that is, it would begin charging normally but later I'd look and the OS reported "Charging / no battery".

* Could cold-boot into OS and it would run normally but report no battery present (though this didn't trigger a shutdown, which you'd think it ought to...)

* Often I'd suspend-to-RAM and later find it powered-down; evidence on subsequent boot indicates the poweroff was non-graceful.

* Today, on a reboot I got a pre-boot warning from the firmware that the fan was reporting a failure condition. Prior to that it had been doing an overnight emerge @world, but that had finished at least half an hour before the reboot and had been idle in the interim, so it shouldn't have been a case of temporary overheating. I've been inside the case not long ago and gave the fan a bit of dusting (it's quite shielded so you can't really do a comprehensive job without fully disassembling it) but it didn't seem all that furred-up - I've seen much worse on fans that didn't complain. I had to hard-poweroff the machine when I got the warning, but I let it rest for ~5min and on next boot there was no warning.

I'm typing this on the said machine, and it seems fine at the moment. Could it be that kernel or acpid bugs are responsible for what I've been seeing? Or maybe filesystem corruption (fsck says no, but that's no guarantee) on my EFI partition?

All very odd. Advice would be very much appreciated.
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