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Gentoo AWS Hardened NoMultilib
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:59 pm    Post subject: Gentoo AWS Hardened NoMultilib Reply with quote

I am trying to learn Amazon web services and creating my own Gentoo instances. I was able to do this with just the stage3-hardened tar file and profile. Everything works great. So as a next step, I wanted a hardened kernel but with no multilib so I followed the same process but used the stage3-hardened-NoMultilib tar file and profile. However, I fail to boot this image. I think net.eth0 network interface isn't being brought up. I am using the exact same kernel for both images and both have minimal server type setups. One works and one doesn't. So I have some questions I thought I might throw out to this forum to see if anyone can help

1). Is there any 32 bit package that is required by AWS? Can't figure out why the nomultilib wouldn't work?
2). In the AWS console, if a image boots up correctly, I can view the system log of the image. However, I can't on my failed multilib image. So how can I debug the issue? Is there a way in AWS to do this?

Thanks for the help.
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