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nouveau or nvidia module cause panic for kernel v4.5.2
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:46 pm    Post subject: nouveau or nvidia module cause panic for kernel v4.5.2 Reply with quote

I bought a laptop several days ago, and begin to build gentoo for it, after struggling for days, I finally configured the kernel properly for my hardware, but some strange behaviour is still there and I have no way to concel that.

first I tried the stable version gentoo-sources 4.1.15, configured with the configuration of kernel of version 4.0.5 that I have used for my old laptop, with only necessary hardware drivers modified, but it print so many warnings or errors, I have to configure it from 0 again. Finaly some the problem seems to have gone, and I tried to start x but the terminal just flick and I have no choice but poweroff. startx report error no screen at that time, but as I see there is no configuration mistake with the X.
then I switched to kernel 4.5.2, with the same configuration( directly load the configuration), startx works but gdm login screen just come into noresponding status after I input the password of the user. soon I found that when this happend, the command lspci also doesn't work(no responding and can't stop, after several minutes a kernel panic prints and also some ACPI ERRORS), what's the most amazing is that this problem occurs randomly, the chance of the lspci works is larger if I have poweroffed the computer for long time.
After looking into dmesg, modified and recompiled the kernel for several times, I found that the culprit seems to be nouveau module loaed by the kernel, If I blacklist nouveau, nearly all the problem went away, and everything works, as there is intel integrated GPU I can still use X.

besides there is nvcvideo, for kernel v4.4.8 is all right but for v4.5.2 with the same configuration print "Entity type for entity Extension 4 was not initialized!" and etc. on boot. for kernel v4.4.8, so long as I select the usb_gadget module in kernel the same message will also be printed on boot, but for kernel v4.5.2, even if I deselect the gadget module, the message is still there, while they toad the same kernel coniguration.
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