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SoC on SSD?
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:07 pm    Post subject: SoC on SSD? Reply with quote

Hello all,

My first post on this forum. To get to know Linux better, I started installing Gentoo, It is a great way, to get more knowledge and I love how the Gentoo site and wiki are providing great information, tips and how to's!

So I am doing a lot of reading/research about my hardware. I read about the anatomy of a ssd in this post I discovered about the controller of my ssd is also referred to as a SoC. Configuring the kernel there is this option in;
- Device Drivers
->SOC specific Drivers
[ ] TI SOC drivers support

I was wondering is this option only for graphical cards, or also applicable for ssd and wireless-cards etc.?

I tried to search the web, but cant figure out if I should enable this configuring the kernel.

Thanks in advance! Regards Eva
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Welcome to Gentoo.

SoC means a whole computer system on one chip. That's the CPU, RAM, FLASH memory, sound card ... everything.
Don't take it too literally, the RAM may be separate. The idea is that these SoCs are very cheap to produce and deploy.
Your SSD even contains one. However, that SoC is not one you run software on. It listens for commands on the SSD SATA interface and controls the SSD to provide responses.
You might need to flash the SSD firmware from time to time, much like updating a motherboard BIOS.

Things like the Raspberry Pi use a SoC. They have separate RAM. You can run Gentoo on these SoC if you want.

SoC are used for 'embedded processing' where the device is not obviously a computer.
Mobile phones, hotel door locks,home routers, set top boxes, TVs ... other things where it a convenient way to implement the required functionality.

To the outside world your SSD appears as a very fast HDD and the SoC is a part of its construction that you can mostly ignore, like you would in all those other gagets I listed.


Computer users fall into two groups:-
those that do backups
those that have never had a hard drive fail.
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