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(U)EFI + GPT + mdraid + "Yo dawg!" partitioning + grub2
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:46 pm    Post subject: (U)EFI + GPT + mdraid + "Yo dawg!" partitioning + Reply with quote

I'm about to install Gentoo (back) to my server. It has UEFI (capable) motherboard and I plan to use UEFI.
I've been reading the handbook and a bit of this topic. But my main corcern is if grub can boot from partition that's on raid(1) partition (Yo dawg!).

Here's what I planned:
  • I'll prepare one empty drive first, then later sync others to it. The other drives still have valuable data. Let the dive be /dev/sdb.
  • I put GPT on it and three partitions:
    • 1. RAID1 partition that will have three partitions inside of it:
      • BIOS boot for grub (may not be needed)
      • /boot, vfat for UEFI stuff
      • /
    • 2. swap partition
    • 3. btrfs data for /home and /srv at least
  • Optional dumping of GPT for easy/fast partitioning of the rest of the disks.
  • mkfs and rest of the filesystem commans...
  • Copy all the valuable files from other disks.
  • Repartition the rest of the disks (or just copy the GPT, but adjust the last btrfs partition to fit)
  • Sync/add the other disks to the RAID1 array
  • ... and same for the btrfs

Now... The idea behind this setup is the ease of adding and removing disks. After addition or removing a disk I only need to sync the RAID1 partition and the btrfs pool.

  • Will this setup boot at all?
  • If no, then creating three seperate RAID1 arrays will do it?
  • What metadata I should use for the RAID1 partition?
  • I bet I have more questions, but none comes to mind atm.

EDIT01: UEFI boot partition must be on single partition OR on a single RAID1 array.
So... I'll be planning my setup accordingly.
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