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[closed] yet another microcode topic
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:56 pm    Post subject: [closed] yet another microcode topic Reply with quote


Today, I finally decided to update my cpu microcode too, and followed the intel microcode wiki following recommended method with GRUB configuration option.
The proposed change to /etc/grub.d/10_linux looks good, but considering I would dislike to require undoing/redoing the change depending on whether I use microcode or not, I made my own change instead.
Well, after a few (well, a little more than expected, I have to admit) trial and error iterations, I think I am ok: got firmware update after reboot (should work with or without firmware, with or without initrd). But I am quite bothered still: reading along I meet new method.

So... is this in fact the new (or soon to be) recommended method (I don't mind undo my last change and redo another way, does not look too complicated), or should I simply stick to the initially recommended way and keep the change I did ?
Then if I keep my change, how to deal with it, is it better to:
-propose change to grub upstream team?
-propose change for gentoo grub package?
-propose change as an alternative for wiki page?
-simply set up a local overlay and keep patch for my own grub package?

Note: feel free to change section if irrelevant here (more a question of methodology than a technical one)


Edit: Not relevant anymore (if it has ever been to anyone but me...) as latest version of grub introduced a similar change (main difference is that my version was out of the kernel discovery loop), and as no one gave a sh*t btw.
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