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Black screen, nouvea, kernel 4.9
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:11 am    Post subject: Black screen, nouvea, kernel 4.9 Reply with quote

I've been running with nvidia driver for some time. After playing around with the nvidia driver, I got tired of the problems related to xrandr. I've experimented with nouveau before but after having trouble with it I changed back to nvidia. I'd prefer not having to downgrade kernel again (Many newer kernels have problems with updates that result into issues. I already worked thru most of the issues, but samba (v3), legacy nvidia and bug fixes meant I ended up with 4.9. Now however trying to use nouveau driver screen goes blank. The wiki told me code name was Currie. I am not sure if I can do anything to overcome the .. darkness. The computer responds to ssh, so it isn't a freeze, but backlight or framebuffer seems to be showing me nothing. I've made a triple boot (depending on kernel name ending in nvidia, nouveau or safe (idea is to use vesa as a fallback and it seems to work for the boot and X, but the black nouveau driver is a bad start).
Any suggestions on some options I can pass to driver that might make it behave with X or even frame-buffer?
Using the kernel name is good solution and the suggestion is somewhere in the wiki for Gentoo I think. I modified it slightly.

My tripple boot means I got 3 xorg.conf.d directories with a symbolic link (So I don't have to reconfigure X between changing driver). The driver is loaded as a module (depending on kernel name).
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