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autopar and offloading
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:07 pm    Post subject: autopar and offloading Reply with quote

Like with the gentooLTO overlay I've been building my systems with LTO and Graphite optimisations for some years now, in addition I've also used GCC Auto-Parallelisation with a blacklist for packages where it causes build or run-time issues. I've now switched to the gentooLTO overlay to make my life easier.

In my gentoo-gpu overlay I've have support for GCC OpenMP/OpenACC offloading to NVidia GPUs, with the ability to easily add Intel MIC and AMD ROCm support. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test it due to lacking suitable hardware.

If anybody with any of the below hardware is prepared to give it a try it could be quite an interesting experiment to combine LTO+autopar+offloading:

NVidia GPU - Kepler* or later with CUDA (so needs nvidia-drivers unfortunately)

Intel MIC

AMD Vega (GFX9) with pretty much any motherboard/CPU

Most AMD GFX7-8 with PCIe v3 with PCIe atomics support** (AMD Ryzen or Intel Haswell and later)

Full list of supported AMD hardware

* I'm pretty sure Kepler is the oldest supported target, when I originally worked on integrating the support my Fermi laptop was *just* unsupported!

** I have a AMD GFX8 GPU - RX470 (POLARIS10) and an AMD FX-9370 CPU so I'm really out of luck :-(
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