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Nvidia PRIME
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:54 am    Post subject: Nvidia PRIME Reply with quote

Arch Wiki has a page on my Laptop -

I gave up on setting up Bumblebee on my laptop because the HDMI port is directly connected to my Nvidia GPU and did not let my Intel iGPU access it, thereby disabling my external monitor when Bumblebee puts my laptop on the iGPU.

But, I was looking at -
PRIME functionality works by using only nvidia and will work without the intel video driver, instead using modsetting.

The xf86-video-nouveau driver does not work well in PRIME configuration (see #Known Issues}).

Multihead support works with intel-virtual-output tool, following the 'port wired to Nvidia' instructions at Bumblebee and using this post at Stack Exchange. (Bumblebee link - Stack Exchange link -

Thunderbolt port is wired to Intel GPU thus allowing for external monitor to be used with nvidia gpu off.

Does this mean that I should be able to use Bumblebee by connecting the external monitor to my laptop using the thunderbolt port?
Also, would I be able to use the PRIME switching? ( says that PRIME only works with the nouveau drivers)
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