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the hp chromebook 11 G4
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:33 am    Post subject: the hp chromebook 11 G4 Reply with quote

curious to know if anyones running our beloved gentoo on this machine, i recently (after a year of just dealing with dualboot) wiped chromeOS completely, the only image i was then able to boot via usb with this stupid UEFI was ubuntu 18.0.whateverthisis, even sysrescuecd.img would just boot to a black screen, the live environments wouldn't boot, or atleast everytime... i was quite finicky, out of the 7 times with this version no live env would boot, i tried an old image known to work, real old (14.0.2) and it booted once but the HW support yeilded touchpad unfunctional, and plugging in a usb mouse would just crash the whole system lol, then every attempt after resulted in that black screen.

i then figured out, opting to select OEM install worked nearly everytime, so i said screw it and just put the base OS on it which worked, planning on eventually trying to get into a live-env or creating a gentoominimalusb with uefi functionality, i just didn't feel like dealing with it tonight.

so i am curious, this system has very poor support for cooling, basically rasp-pi with a copper pipe, now... i have a raspberry pi 3b running gentoo, but during long/medicore compiles sometimes(mosttimes) the temp will skyrocket resulting in it just turning off, this is my fear for this machine.

should i just plan on keeping this a binary system and leave gentoo for my other toys?


so, a little update, yes it does die during decently sized compiles, so for anyone reading this, plan to have it on some sortof cooling pad, but with 2gb ram, and only 16gb onboard storage(unupgradable) you need to ask yourself, is it worth the hassle?

its just a little onthego machine, getting gentoo on it was a fun learning experience though mostly for me because i never had to deal with uefi before, i just stuck with what i knew.

again if you are reading this, plan on a few things not being functional out of the box, which is odd considering chromeOS is built out of gentoo i believe, also this could be because this is an older chromebook i think from 2013, these bay-trail setups were a pain back in the day and this wasn't even possible until mrchromebox got the FULL ROM uefi fw up, previously you had to use this janky method called bootstub(which was dangerous) or just plan on dualbooting forever which was inadequate due to most of your storage being locked away on the chromeos side.

i'm now going to put GalliumOS on it, as i've read nothing but good things, and thats to be expected as it is specifically made for chromebook hardware.

hopefully someone in the future will stumble across this when they are contemplating the same thing.. good luck on your adventures!
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