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Xsane&scanimage segmentation fault
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:07 pm    Post subject: Xsane&scanimage segmentation fault Reply with quote

Trying to scan using xsane and scanimage from command line, but xsane drops down and it occurs "Segmentaiton fault" using scanimage.
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of dll to 255.
[dll] sane_init: SANE dll backend version 1.0.13 from sane-backends 1.0.27
[dll] sane_init/read_dlld: attempting to open directory `./dll.d'
[dll] sane_init/read_dlld: attempting to open directory `/etc/sane.d/dll.d'
[dll] sane_init/read_dlld: using config directory `/etc/sane.d/dll.d'
[dll] sane_init/read_dlld: done.
[dll] sane_init/read_config: reading dll.conf
[dll] add_backend: adding backend `hpaio'
[dll] sane_get_devices
[dll] load: searching backend `hpaio' in `/usr/lib64/sane'
[dll] load: trying to load `/usr/lib64/sane/'
[dll] load: dlopen()ing `/usr/lib64/sane/'
[dll] init: initializing backend `hpaio'
[dll] init: backend `hpaio' is version 1.0.0
[dll] sane_get_devices: found 1 devices
[dll] sane_open: trying to open `hpaio:/usb/Deskjet_1050_J410_series?serial=CN0712P74J05HW'
[dll] sane_open: open successful
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=0)
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=0,action=0,value=0x7ffeee7193ec,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=0)
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=0,action=0,value=0x7ffeee7192f0,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=1)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=2)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=3)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=4)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=5)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=6)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=7)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=8)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=9)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=10)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=11)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=12)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=13)
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=14)
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=13,action=0,value=0x557be9e24640,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=11,action=0,value=0x7ffeee7192f4,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=14,action=0,value=0x557be9e24644,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=12,action=0,value=0x7ffeee7192f4,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=11,action=0,value=0x7ffeee719420,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=13)
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=13,action=1,value=0x7ffeee719440,info=0x7ffeee719304)
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=12,action=0,value=0x7ffeee719420,info=(nil))
[dll] sane_get_option_descriptor(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=14)
[dll] sane_control_option(handle=0x557beb5901b0,option=14,action=1,value=0x7ffeee719440,info=0x7ffeee719304)
[dll] sane_start(handle=0x557beb5901b0)
Segmentation fault

Printer/Scaner info:
aar@gentoo ~ $ scanimage -L
device `hpaio:/usb/Deskjet_1050_J410_series?serial=CN0712P74J05HW' is a Hewlett-Packard Deskjet_1050_J410_series all-in-one

sane-backends installed version and use flags:
aar@gentoo ~ $ eix sane-backends
[I] media-gfx/sane-backends
     Available versions:  1.0.27-r1 ~1.0.27-r2 {gphoto2 ipv6 snmp systemd threads usb v4l xinetd zeroconf ABI_MIPS="n32 n64 o32" ABI_PPC="32 64" ABI_S390="32 64" ABI_X86="32 64 x32" SANE_BACKENDS="+abaton +agfafocus +apple +artec +artec_eplus48u +as6e +avision +bh +canon +canon630u +canon_dr -canon_pp +cardscan +coolscan +coolscan2 +coolscan3 +dc210 +dc240 +dc25 +dell1600n_net +dmc +epjitsu +epson +epson2 +fujitsu +genesys +gt68xx +hp +hp3500 +hp3900 +hp4200 +hp5400 +hp5590 +hpljm1005 -hpsj5s +hs2p +ibm +kodak +kodakaio +kvs1025 +kvs20xx kvs40xx +leo +lexmark +ma1509 +magicolor +matsushita +microtek +microtek2 +mustek -mustek_pp +mustek_usb mustek_usb2 +nec +net +niash +p5 +pie +pixma +plustek +plustek_pp -pnm +qcam +ricoh +rts8891 +s9036 +sceptre +sharp +sm3600 +sm3840 +snapscan +sp15c +st400 +stv680 +tamarack +teco1 +teco2 +teco3 +test +u12 +umax +umax1220u +umax_pp +xerox_mfp"}
     Installed versions:  1.0.27-r1(07:18:47 PM 01/23/2019)(usb -gphoto2 -ipv6 -snmp -systemd -threads -v4l -xinetd -zeroconf ABI_MIPS="-n32 -n64 -o32" ABI_PPC="-32 -64" ABI_S390="-32 -64" ABI_X86="64 -32 -x32" SANE_BACKENDS="hp -abaton -agfafocus -apple -artec -artec_eplus48u -as6e -avision -bh -canon -canon630u -canon_dr -canon_pp -cardscan -coolscan -coolscan2 -coolscan3 -dc210 -dc240 -dc25 -dell1600n_net -dmc -epjitsu -epson -epson2 -fujitsu -genesys -gt68xx -hp3500 -hp3900 -hp4200 -hp5400 -hp5590 -hpljm1005 -hpsj5s -hs2p -ibm -kodak -kodakaio -kvs1025 -kvs20xx -kvs40xx -leo -lexmark -ma1509 -magicolor -matsushita -microtek -microtek2 -mustek -mustek_pp -mustek_usb -mustek_usb2 -nec -net -niash -p5 -pie -pixma -plustek -plustek_pp -pnm -qcam -ricoh -rts8891 -s9036 -sceptre -sharp -sm3600 -sm3840 -snapscan -sp15c -st400 -stv680 -tamarack -teco1 -teco2 -teco3 -test -u12 -umax -umax1220u -umax_pp -xerox_mfp")
     Description:         Scanner Access Now Easy - Backends


The user consists in the scanner group.

Printer works, but scanner doesn't. On other laptop (openSUSE) this printer/scanner works correctly both with xsane and scanimage.
really indeed very so much proper noob :)
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