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Rsyncing the live-cd into the build
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:39 pm    Post subject: Rsyncing the live-cd into the build Reply with quote

Hi all!
Instead of having to wait for ever for a kernel to be compiled I just rsynced the whole live cd into the build(excluding mnt, proc, sys, dev, tmp and run) and copied the gentoo* (i.e. the kernel and initramfs) from /mnt/cdrom/isolinux into the /boot directory of the build.
Then I created an fstab, installed grub, ran grub-mkconfig (by the way I had to rename the kernel and the initramfs to vmlinuz-4.5.2-aufs-r1-gentoo and initramfs-genkernel-x86_64-4.5.2-aufs-r1-gentoo respectively --or grub would not recognize them) and everything WORKED( the end) :lol:
The problem was that although I had even generated a new initramfs using the --lvm flag the system wouldnt boot with an error of /dev-mapper/gentoo/root is not a root partition.
Mind you everything was done perfectly while partitionig and also in fstab and the system CAN mount the swap partition which is on a logical volume also.
So I created another ordinary partition rsynced over the contents of /dev/gentoo/root into it changed the fstab and BAM I booted into system no problems :o
Then I deleted the generic gentoo user account and also the pwgen file in /etc/init.d which kept changing the root passwd so I couldnt su into the root account properly --and now everything works vanilla nicely.
I managed to install a few packages and I am learning now about portage etc...
One question:
Can I safely remove the livecd directory in /usr?
Also is there any housecleaning I need to do as a result of my unorthodox installation?
Thank you all
Best Regards

PS:Ah by the way the lsblk command in livecd does NOT recognize logical volumes immediately but only after gdisk-ing into the drive and quitting.
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