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Pulse gets lost
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:14 pm    Post subject: Pulse gets lost Reply with quote

[Moderator note: This post, and only this post, was originally attached to the 5 year old post USB external audio, which was itself attached to the 3 years older thread If sound doesn't work - Things to check [Mar 26, 2010]. I split it out, and adapted the quote tag to link to the source thread. -Hu]

h12 wrote:
i use usb exernal audio ,when i change to it from mixer its not having sound . What can i do ?? even its being recoginsed by the system

what else software can iuse in order to configure the sound options .for example pulse audio etc .

Time and again pulse gets lost in my box here. Sometimes after an update, sometimes after a reboot with my USB headphones plugged in. Happens that if I remove the ~/.config/pulse folder and reboot all comes back to normal.
~ $ rm -fr ~/.config/pulse

That folder contains files listing the user's sound card and it's available resources.
$ ls -1 ~/.config/pulse/

If for some reason the sound board resource name changes, pulse gets lost. Erasing those files force it to re-probe your audio devices and re-write the files properly.
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