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Permissions issue
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 4:56 pm    Post subject: Permissions issue Reply with quote

Hi all,

After a long pause I came back to Gentoo and went trough the long (longest actually) installation process
among previous cases. Frankly I don't know where I've got that much patience to keep working on all small and big
issues. Because of some experience I could separate those issues which come from Gentoo directly and which
come from the upstream. Still some remained a mystery to me.

During one phase some program won't start. Don't remember exactly what that was. I've checked everything
till I have discovered, that "few" files have permission 0 or sometimes 1000. I've checked it by using this code:


today=$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S)

find / -perm 0 -type f >> ${today}.perm
find / -perm 1000 -type f >> ${today}.perm

I have also checked the directories, but none of them were/is faulty.

By using qfile/e-file I have found corresponding packages and reinstalled them.
Files were replaced with new copies with proper permission set. At least I could not
find them again by running above script again.

If that would be one time issue I won't report it here.
Unfortunately those files have been appearing over and over again (every couple of days
I was looking at it, not permanently!).
At the same time I see no issue with broken files, which would give me
a hint about dead storage.

More curious, that those exist also within /var/db/repos/ path where only
git have write access to.

On top of that also files within /proc have such unset permissions. Is it normal?
I've never checked it with previous Arch Setup, cause everything was OK
from that point of view.

Even /run/fcron.reboot has also zero permissions, but that seems to be aligned
with Arch.

Should I blame the hardware, which is unlikely to me or ZFS kernel module or
anything else within Gentoo?

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