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Gentoo, static ipv6 adresses and default ipv6 gateways
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 3:46 am    Post subject: Gentoo, static ipv6 adresses and default ipv6 gateways Reply with quote

Hey folks,

Since I was setting up IPv6 in my home network, I was faced with the task of instrumenting my Gentoo box with the ability to grok static default routes. Why? Well, I could have relied on router advertising, but since that somehow entails messing with either radvd or dhcpv6, I hacked around a bit to supply that information myself. If you don't mind editing initscripts, this might be for you too.

I haven't got many machines at home, about 7 or so, all running something different (mostly BSD). If they all used those swanky mac-address based ipv6 adresses (or even worse, privacy extended and constantly changing adresses), it's a bitch to maintain a DNS server for them. What if you change a NIC in a machine? You'd have to change the DNS too... Yuck.

So I gave most of my machines static adresses.

In BSD it's easy to assign a machine a static IPv6 number and a default route through either /etc/hostname.* files or in the rc.conf. In Gentoo, I hacked up /etc/init.d/net.eth0 to include a new directive called 'gateway6'. The patch is included at the end (and I'll put it on the web somewhere).

First, let's demonstrate how my setup works:

I have one machine which is a ipv6 router. It has a ipv6 tunnel connection to somewhere, and has ipv6 packet forwarding on. That's very nice. All the other machines have static ipv6 numbers (I have a whole /64 to choose from, yay) and have their ipv6 default route set to the ipv6 router. So far so good. Simple to accomplish on most machines, except my Gentoo box.

Examine my /etc/conf.d/net:


# This looks familliar, no?

# Static IPv6 assignment (fingered to protect my box)

# The 'new' directive

When reloading your network, you might see something like this:


* Bringing eth0 up...                        
*    Adding inet6 adresses...               
*        eth0 inet6 add 1234:5678:9012:345::67/64...   
*    Setting default ipv6 gateway...            

Voila! It works. Try ping6-ing out there somewhere.

Oh, lest I forget, the patch to /etc/init.d/net.eth0 (which is also available at my website:

--- net.eth0.dist       2003-12-23 02:59:43.861169696 +0100
+++ net.eth0    2003-12-23 03:07:09.366442600 +0100
@@ -121,7 +121,21 @@
                /sbin/route del default dev ${gateway%/*} &>/dev/null
                /sbin/route add default gw ${gateway#*/} dev ${gateway%/*} \
                        netmask metric 1 >/dev/null || {
+                       local error=$?
+                       ifconfig ${IFACE} down &>/dev/null
+                       eend ${error} "Failed to bring ${IFACE} up"
+                       stop
+                       return ${error}
+               }
+               eend 0
+       fi
+       if [ -n "${gateway6}" ] && [ "${gateway6%/*}" = "${IFACE}" ]
+       then
+               ebegin "  Setting default ipv6 gateway"
+               # First delete any existing routes if it was setup by kernel ..
+               /sbin/route add -A inet6 default gw ${gateway6#*/} >/dev/null\
+                       || {
                        local error=$?
                        ifconfig ${IFACE} down &>/dev/null
                        eend ${error} "Failed to bring ${IFACE} up"

I hope this is of use to anyone. I know it's a bit of a hack, but it works for me.

dash dash space
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