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[forums-announce] Forums reorganization
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 11:33 am    Post subject: [forums-announce] Forums reorganization Reply with quote

Folks --

As you may have noticed, the forums have undergone a bit of a reshuffle. You'll see some new forums added to the mix, as well as some other forums that have been retired.

This reorg was based on extensive discussion among the moderators, as well as select users. It is designed to to two things:

  1. Streamline the forums to make things easier for you to find
  2. Reduce confusion and clutter in the forums

We have tried to expand upon the number of Gentoo-related forums available to better organize the kinds of questions that regularly get posted here. Our new Multimedia forum is a prime example of this. Now, there is a dedicated resource for questions about mplayer, alsa, XMMS or any other Gentoo-related multimedia question.

Realizing that our focus is on providing support for the Gentoo community, we have also reduced the number of non-Gentoo forums. /dev/null/, OTW, In Other News and General Linux have all been consolidated into Off The Wall. These forums were already a melting pot of activity, with posts covering a wide range of topics. Placing them all in one forum simply adds a little more spice to the pot. :)

Additionally, we have created a new forum called "Gentoo Chat". This is a chat forum, not a support forum, and is intended to discuss anything and everything related to Gentoo. Have a cool desktop background that you want to share? Have an opinion about a feature that should be included in Portage? This is the forum for you.

You'll notice other changes as well, both large and small. I'm sure many of you will have comments and opinions about the reorg, some positive, some negative. We welcome your feedback in Gentoo Forums Feedback.

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