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dupbuster (for distfiles)
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 10:40 pm    Post subject: dupbuster (for distfiles) Reply with quote

hi below is a script based on discussuion in this thread
for cleaning distfiles directory from all .tgz,tbz... for packges not installed
on the machine...
But I wanted a version that removes ONLY FILE FOR OLD VERSIONS OF THE PACKAGES i.e. the newest FILES are preserved.
The idea is to get rid of really unnececary files... why I will need such thing ?
other distfiles-cleaners didint worked for me 'cause I have several Gentoo boxes which I sync from time to time.. i.e. I may install pkg X on machine A then sync A->B.
Even that I dont have pkg X installed on B(I may decide to install it later),
it wont be deleted. So possibly saving repeating the same dload from Internet.

U have to run the script with "-p" option, so no action is done...
like emerge -p.
If u didnt specify option the files will not be deleted, but instead moved to
/usr/portage/olddist where u can take final look before deletion...

The sequence is :

#dupbuster -p
#du -shc /usr/portage/distfiles
#du -shc /usr/portage/distfiles
#du -shc /usr/portage/olddist

It doesnt save alot space as distcleaners, but removes things
that are really unnececary anymore..


use Getopt::Std;
use Data::Dumper;
my %makeconf;
my %dups;
$makeconf{"PORTDIR"} = '/usr/portage';
$makeconf{"DISTDIR"} = '/usr/portage/distfiles';
sub get_make_conf {
  my ($var);
  open (MAKECONF, "</etc/make.conf");
  while(<MAKECONF>) {
    if (/^\s*(\w+)=(.+)$/) {
  # simple hack to expand the shell variables
  foreach $var (keys %makeconf) {
    my ($sub);
    while ($makeconf{$var}=~/"?\$\{(\w+)\}"?/) {
print "PORTDIR = ".$makeconf{"PORTDIR"}."\n";
print "DISTDIR = ".$makeconf{"DISTDIR"}."\n";
print "PORTDIR_OVERLAY = ".$makeconf{"PORTDIR_OVERLAY"}."\n";
#open(PACKAGES,"qpkg -v -I -nc |") || die "Can't list packages\n";
open(PACKAGES,"qpkg --dups -v -nc | sort -r |") || die "Can't list packages\n";
while(<PACKAGES>) {
  $package = $_;
  $package =~ m|(.*)/(.*)-(\d.*)|;
  $category = $1;
  $program = $2;
  $version = $3;
  unless ($dups{$program}) {
    $dups{$program} = 1 ;
    print "newest pkg : $program-$version\n" if $opt_p;
  print "old pkg : $program-$version\n" if $opt_p;
  $digest = $makeconf{"PORTDIR"}."/$category/$program/files/digest-$program-$version";
  if ($makeconf{"PORTDIR_OVERLAY"} && ! -f $digest) {
    $digest = $makeconf{"PORTDIR_OVERLAY"}."/$category/$program/files/digest-$program-$version";
  if (-f $digest) {
    open (DIGEST, "<$digest");
    while(<DIGEST>) {
      ($hashtype, $hash, $file, $size) = split;
if (scalar(keys(%files))==0) {
  die "sanity check: no package files found.  This can't be right.\n";
#print Dumper \%dups;
opendir(DIR,$makeconf{"DISTDIR"})|| die "can't open ".$makeconf{"DISTDIR"};
mkdir "/usr/portage/olddist";
while ($file = readdir DIR) {
  next unless -f $makeconf{"DISTDIR"}."/$file";
  if  ($files{$file}) {
    if ($opt_p) {
#      print "Would erase ".$makeconf{"DISTDIR"}."/$file\n";
      print "Would move  $makeconf{DISTDIR}/$file -> /usr/portage/olddist \n";
    else {
#      unlink $makeconf{"DISTDIR"}."/$file";
       rename "$makeconf{DISTDIR}/$file", "/usr/portage/olddist/$file";
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