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GNOME Keyboard Shortcuts
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 10:39 pm    Post subject: GNOME Keyboard Shortcuts Reply with quote

I was reading today, and came across this nice little post by MurrayC:

I started a little list of really useful GNOME keyboard shortcuts for GNOME 2.6. Maybe there's one or two more. There's already a full list for accessibility, linked there, but that has a lot of stuff that most users don't need. I remember real MacOS Classic users liking these kinds of things. Maybe we could put something like this in a Help menu.

Here's the list for the forums:

 General GNOME Shortcuts (The Metacity window manager):
 Show the desktop     Control-Alt-D
 Switch application     Alt-Tab
 Move to next workspace     Control-Alt-Right
 Move to previous workspace     Control-Alt-Left
 Open the Applications menu     Alt-F1
 Move Current Window to next workspace     Shift-Alt-Right
 Move Current Window to previous workspace     Shift-Alt-Left

File Management Shortcuts (Nautilus)
 Select an item     Up, Down
 Open an item     Alt-Down, or Enter
 Open the parent folder     Alt-Up
 Open an item, and close the current folder     Shift-Alt-Down
 Open the parent folder, and close the current folder     Shift-Alt-Up
 Close all parent folders     Shift-Control-W
 Open a location by entering a path or URL     Control-L

Alert Dialogs
 Select the default button     Return
 Cancel and close the dialog     Escape

Text Boxes
 Go to the start of the word     Control-Left
 Go to the end of the word     Control-Right
 Go to the start of the line     Home
 Go to the end of the line     End

(Hold down Shift at the same time to select the text)
 Select all text     Control-A

Application Shortcuts (Most applications should support these)
 Open a document     Control-O
 Create a new document     Control-N
 Save the document     Control-S
 Quit Application     Control-Q
 Help     F1

Tab Shortcuts (Most applications with tabs support these)
 New tab     Control-T
 Next tab     Control-Page Up
 Previous tab     Control-Page Down
 Tab number 1, 2, 3,...     Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3,...

Others (these are not really shortcuts, but they are useful anyway)
Drag and Drop (These might just be for Nautilus. But some are generic drag modifiers, I think. murrayc)
 Normal Drag     Moves the item
 Drag + Control     Copies the item
 Drag + Alt-Control-Shift     Links the item
 Drag + Alt     Shows a menu with a choice of copy, move, or link (Or do a normal drag with the middle mouse button)

Other Things that I think are either too rarely used to go here - for which there is little benefit in using the keyboard instead of the mouse - involve the command-line too much.
 Close current window/tab     Control-W
 Run a command     Alt-F2
 Switch between panels and Desktop     Control-Alt-Tab
 Move window without selecting the title bar     Alt-drag (on any area of the window)
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