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Kernel 2.6.x + nforce system
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 1:37 am    Post subject: Kernel 2.6.x + nforce system Reply with quote

They all those who have the chip nforce and have changed to the kernel 2.6 can observe that several things stop working.
After doing a checkup in the forums, observe that the solutions were dispersed, and pense that was better to unify the whole procedure to have working the video and audio with all his presentations.

Here we go:

1-Install the new kernel 2.6.1 gentoo-dev-sources
2-Install the latest genkernel.

I believe, that the way of doing these two things has been sufficiently explained in the forums and it being not necessary to do it of return

3-Now, lets make nforce works well
3a-Run Genkernel

For the ethernet
3b-In menuconfig go to "Device Drivers" >>"Networking Support">>"Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)">>" Reverse Engineered nForce Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)" (built into the kernel)

It's works excellent for me. Only I could observe that the process of connecting to the dsl is a bit slow, but when the connection realizes march on wheels. (48 consecutive hours till now)

For the video:

4-There are no problems with the video, it is sufficient with reinstalling the nvidia-kernel and the nvidia-glx...
But, for me it's a good idea to built in the kernel the next options:
4a-In menuconfig go to "Device Drivers">>"Character devices" (and built into the kernel)>>"/dev/agpgart (AGP Support)" and "NVIDIA nForce/nForce2 chipset support"
(These two options improved the yield of my board a bit, and some problems that i had with my monitor of 19 " they were eliminated)

For the sound:
5-A very troublesome noise was listened by any sound and there are several reports in the forums on the same problem. A noise that it makes impossible to listen to something.

5a-In menuconfig go to "Sound">>"Sound card support">>"Advanced Linux Sound Architecture" (built in)>>"PCI devices">>"Intel i8x0/MX440, SiS 7012; Ali 5455; NForce Audio; AMD768/8111" (built in too)

5b- install the latest ALSA drivers, do:

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge alsa-lib alsa-utils

6-Exit menuconfig and wait...

7-After new kernel is installed set up PCM and Master for ALSA.

8-The Arts problem. The users of kde have a problem here (I do not know on gnome). Arts does not get on with ALSA and the kernel 2.6.
8a-In KDE go to control panel >> Sounds and Multimedia >> Sound System >> E/S sound and only change arts for alsa
8b At least Reboot (the fast way)...

This is it!!!

The nforce chipset is working or maybe is working ¿? :roll:

I want to be grateful for all those who across the posts helped me to make work everything explained previously. Specially to PermaNoob and sneakerski. My task was to obtain information, a bit of here and of there. 8)

"veritas liberabit vos"
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