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oldworld missing install info
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:11 pm    Post subject: oldworld missing install info Reply with quote

I'm trying a stage3 gentoo install. A short tale of my experiences so far, some comments on the documentation:
Downloaded and burned the two ppc 1.4 g3 livecd's to do an install on my oldworld mac. The live-cd wasn't live at all on my mac, so i tried to get into the install with BootX. Missed the info on that in the install guide, also nothing on the cd. Found out in the end, that you need to:
    copy the vmlinux and initrd.img.gz to your hd
    enlarge the ramdisk size in BootX to over 10000k
    put init=/linuxrc in the kernel options field

Then followed the manual, but couldn't find net-setup anywhere. Is it missing or where can you find it? Well anyway I just did a dhcpcd eth0 which set up everything, including resolve.conf

Coming to: Installing a Portage Snapshot and Source Code from LiveCD.
I assumed that the portage tarball in the root dir of my CD1 was the one to unpack. There is no snapshots dir on the cd.

Now, reading the install manual again (while typing this) I see I missed the line that says I should continue to the kernel config. Instead I did worry about the instructions on Copying over the GRP packages. As these should be on CD2 (I figured) I was facing a problem as CD1 was still the linux I was running. I just went for it however :wink:
    I did an eject in my non-chrooted console.
    Then mounted cd2 in the chrooted console.
    Copied the All dir contents per the manual.
    Eject cd2 to then end up with a dead system.

I couldn't do a nice shutdown anymore, so just pushed the reset combi. That was all last night. Then I went into suspend mode myself :)

Just thought I would share this with you. Maybe add some info in the manual on BootX for orldworld users?
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Retired Dev

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2004 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Net-setup is not included on ppc, because the package providing it is too x86 centric to include it.

I'll see if we can add some bootx info the the handbook
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