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using Parted to resize (expand) HFS+
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2004 12:43 pm    Post subject: using Parted to resize (expand) HFS+ Reply with quote

well, i posted this on the end of another thread, but i guess it needs it's own thread, so here i go: :p

i've been thinking about resizing my OS X boot Volume and from what i've read i think Parted is my best (only?) option.

i've got my OS X boot volume, my Gentoo partitons and a couple of other HFS+ partitions. i just wanted to ask: will Parted let me resize the OS X boot volume (make it bigger) and then let me join my two other HFS+ partitons together?

i thought this would be the best place to ask. i'd try it out myself, but i'm a n00b, so perhaps there is someone here who could save me alot of deep breaths. :p

also, is it possible to take space from a HFS+ partiton and join it to a Ext3 partiton?

i've been reading the user manual, it mentions 'growing' a partiton, so i guess that means i can do what i want? well i just want you guys to double check on this for me.

hda5-7 are my HFS+ partitions. so if i want to get hda5 (Panther boot volume) bigger, i'd do something like:
(parted) resize 5 start end

is that correct? and i'm guessing it'll be best to do this from my Gentoo system, because i'll only be modifying my HFS+ partitions.

thanks for checking this for me, i really need the reassurance. :p :)
G'Day mate :D
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