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Powerbook G3 12.1
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:26 pm    Post subject: Powerbook G3 12.1 Reply with quote


My friend is has a Powerbook G3 that he is running Yellowdog Linux [YDL] on currently. The problem with it is that when he closes the lid/suspends or changes graphics mode, or perhaps even just lets it sit for too long, YDL reloads the graphics driver, which causes the contrast to revert to all white.

As you can see this is quite a problem with a laptop. He currently has it hooked up to an external monitor to fix the problem, but if you call that a fix...

Anyway, I was wondering if any Gentoo hackers had used gentoo on a Powerbook G3 12.1 inch passive matrix screen laptop, or if anyone knows that it wont work. He would like to try Gentoo when cable internet comes in here next month.

Any help would be, well... just that, a great help. Thanks,

--Miles P

Here's some quick information on the laptop:

Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series Wallstreet/Mainstreet 12.1" passive matrix
Not "bronze keyboard"
Not pismo
256MB SDRAM, 2GB HDD, 0K L2cache, 4MB? VRAM (maybe 8?)
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