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yaboot and openfirmware
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 8:56 am    Post subject: yaboot and openfirmware Reply with quote

I am having a strange problem using yaboot. To begin I got gentoo installed just fine. I install yaboot, and restart my system.
Yaboot does not register on that reboot, the machine boots to osx. So I boot into open firmware and do a

boot hd:2,yaboot

and it drops me to to yaboot, i then boot into linux using my kernel just fine. I then login and run ybin -v. It runs fine, and I restart again. This time yaboot works, it first asks if I want linux os osx, i choose linux, then boot linux, it then splashes the linux-2.6.5-r1 blah, about 10 lines of stuff to where it ends with .... =close. Or something like that (I am in osx now and forgot the exact message).

From there I decide to go back into open firmware, and once again boot hd:2,yaboot. Procede to boot linux, and voila it boots just fine. So I dont know why having yaboot load automatically does not work, however loading yaboot from openfirmware is fine. Well yaboot is not the problem persay, its the booting of the kernel.

Thanks, Any help would be awesome.

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