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distkeeper :)
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2004 6:31 pm    Post subject: distkeeper :) Reply with quote

Am glad to present my program - distkeeper
Download it:
What can it do? Some funny things :)

1) It can build sorted distfiles catalog by groups with descripions for files.

For example, i wanna to share my distfiles to my LAN through FTP. Yes, i share
them by ftp://myhost/Linux/gentoo/distfiles, but no one like to see it in
one big list :) Let's do it nice.

  # ./ -d /home/ftp/Linux/soft -s ../../gentoo/distfiles

`-d' - where i put my sorted links tree
`-s' - build links with this prefix
so link in /home/ftp/Linux/soft/group-dir/file will be show to
/home/ftp/Linux/soft/group-dir/../../gentoo/distfiles/file or just
Why it need? Usually, ftp-servers work in chroot directory, and you cannot
link outside chroot-jail.

And what we got?
  * /home/ftp/Linux/soft
      * app-accessibility
      * app-admin
          * analog-5.32.tar.gz  -> ../../gentoo/distfiles/analog-5.32.tar.gz
          * apg-2.2.3.tar.gz    -> ../../gentoo/distfiles/apg-2.2.3.tar.gz
          * autopsy-2.00.tar.gz -> ../../gentoo/distfiles/autopsy-2.00.tar.gz
          * info.txt
      * app-antivirus
      * app-crypt

  * analog
    Description: The most popular logfile analyser in the world
  * apg
    Description: Another Password Generator
  * autopsy
    Description: A graphical interface to the digital forensic analysis tools in The Sleuth Kit.

Ok, another one:
  # ./ -d /home/ftp/Linux/soft -s ../../../gentoo/distfiles -l 2 -i .message

`-l 2' - level 2, so distkeeper build group-dir/app-dir (if your distfiles is real big)
`-i .message' - create .message instead info.txt. It is very cool for ftp owner, so when user
goto app-dir, ftp-server will send for them content of this file

Ok, what is `level 2' you think? It's easy explain on example, so tree will look:
  * /home/ftp/Linux/soft
      * app-admin/
      * sys-devel/
        * autoconf/
           * autoconf-2.13.tar.gz   -> ../../../gentoo/distfiles/autoconf-2.13.tar.gz
           * autoconf-2.57a.tar.bz2 -> ../../../gentoo/distfiles/autoconf-2.57a.tar.bz2
           * .message
        * auomake/
           * automake-1.4-p6.tar.gz -> ../../../gentoo/distfiles/automake-1.4-p6.tar.gz

2) This program can detect orphaned files (no one ebuild use them) and move them to special
dirrectory to future delete.

  # ./ -o /usr/portage/distfiles/orphaned/

3) You can check to wich package source file belong

  # ./ -f httpd-2.0.49.tar.gz
package:        app-doc/apache-manual-2.0.49-r1
package:        app-doc/apache-manual-2.0.49-r3
package:        net-www/apache-2.0.49-r3
package:        net-www/apache-2.0.49-r1
  added:        Sat Jun  5 23:21:31 2004
   size:        5919279

4) You can look, how much your distfiles growed at last month (prev and any other) :)
  # ./ -size curv
From Mon May 31 00:16:06 2004 to Thu Jul  1 00:16:06 2004

As you can see, my distfiles growed for ~700mb

* use Storable to keep all data in database, and quick query it for `-f file' requests.
* bugs, bugs, and bugs again :)))
I don't have enought time to test it and fix
So send me your patch and idea :)))))
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