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booting livecd 2004.2
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 11:13 pm    Post subject: booting livecd 2004.2 Reply with quote

as read in some threads below all kinds of macs (oldworld and newworld up to g5) have trouble with booting the livecd.
ive tried it with a "beige g3 rev.a" and bootx ..ive use the g4 kernel and the g4 ram image ...
all went fine except the point when the kernel (image?) tries to access the
"livecd.squashfs" file at the cdrom.
looks like the cd format is bad or something (iam a noob in ppc and gentoo...but just my 50 cent)
since thru the line all boxes have problems i think there will be a fixed version soon (2004.3 :?: )

so here my question to the cd maker :

is it possible to put the "bootx" proggy to the (universal) livecd ?

it would be nice to hve it on the disk cause one get rid of installing the explorer on macos to get it thru the web , like i did(i know that i could copy it to a seperate disk,but i didnt knew that i need it when i startet . and so the mac os partition could be sized to around 50-60 mb even for os9.1.
when then the manual would be updated with the hint that its already on the disk ..... some newbees would have a easier life.

i ask this cause i never worked on a oldworld and for me it took some time to FIND the proggy UNDERSTAND it and USE it .... though for all freshmen to that architecture it would be a great help.

thank u


ps: the 2.6.7 kernel of the 2004.2 cd runs beautyfull on the beige g3 ...very nice that reiser is included in the kernel that was a big problem in the releases before ..thank u for that :)
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