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ARKEIA Backup HOWTO config. daily backup/overwriting tapes
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 8:10 pm    Post subject: ARKEIA Backup HOWTO config. daily backup/overwriting tapes Reply with quote

Hi There

If you read this I'm sure you are familiar with the arkeia backup suite - if not, this little HOWTO won't suite you well :-)

You might know errors like:

Backing up localhost!file:/...
Unloading tape from drive 'DRIVENAME'
Can't find any available tape for drive 'DRIVENAME'
[1] Backup of "localhost!file:..." not OK, "xxx" files, "xxx" MB, "xxx" seconds
End of Backup

This may happen if you e.g. configure a periodic backup using the "overwrite existing tape" strategy and the user accidentally inserts a "tuesday"-tape instead of a "thursday"-tape (or whatever you name your tapes).
That's not a software bug! This is because ARKEIA is a professional software and expects the user to handle his tapes with care. So to make sure that no important data is being overwritten, ARKEIA waits for the userinput (the mandatory "ok") to ensure, that no bad things happen.

In smaller companies this might not be wanted. Like here I want to configure a simple "total backup" that saves all the files I select onto the tape, no matter if it's a monday, tuesday (or what so ever) tape currently in the drive.

ARKEIA knows about this and offers a (too less detailed) solution in their FAQ. This is why I sat down and wrote a script that (finally) should work. It's easy, it's simple, it's fast, it's good! :-)

Well, basically you can say we just tell ARKEIA before each backup, to recycle the tape that's currently in the drive. So at each backup we make the tape is being re-labeled and overwritten


If you use this script you enable ARKEIA to overwrite each tape currently inserted when starting a new backup - thus, all information will be overwritten (deleted, gone vanished, no more recoverable).
Make sure you really want this and if so, carry on reading :-)

And, this is how we do it:

1.) Create a suitable DRIVE / DRIVEPACK
2.) Create a TapePool - (I'll refer to the name "tPool" later on)
3.) Create some tapes (how many you like - I just created 50 but 2 would be enough too I think - try it out)
3.1.) Assign the following to each tape:
3.1.1) Authorisations: all but "clean"
3.1.2) Recycling Mode: "LIFO"
3.1.3) Recycling Destination: "current pool"
3.1.4) Pool: "tPool"
3.1.5) Access: "Manually mountable"
3.1.6) "OK" :)

4.) Create a suiteable savepack - I'll just call it "savepack"

Now is the time to create the recycle-script.
Make a new file with your favourite editor in a "easy to type on console"-named directory, say "/backup":


# with nano:
nano /backup/tapeRecycle
# with vi:
# vi /backup/tapeRecycle
# (you should know how to handle vi - I'll go on with nano cuz I think it's easier and faster...)

Now paste the following code into that newly created and still opened file:

#! /bin/sh
echo -n "Started at    "
echo "Starting the taperecycle process using ARKEIA-Tools..."
echo ""
echo "Extracting current tape's Name..."
tapename=`/opt/arkeia/bin/arkc -drive -read -D name=DRIVENAME |sed s/.*=//`
echo "Recycling Tape \"$tapename\"..."
/opt/arkeia/bin/arkc -tape -recycle -D name=[$tapename]
echo ""
echo -n "Done at    "
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""


Remember to substitute the name=DRIVENAME with the correct name of your drive (e.g. name=HPDDS3)

5.) Make a new periodic Backup configuration
5.1) Set-Up all you need for your Backup
5.2) Go to "Manage levels"
5.2.1) Go to Advanced options
5.2.2) Under "System command" enter path to your "recycleTape"-Script like this:


/backup/recycleTape >> /var/log/tapeRecycle.log

Like this you can check /var/log/tapeRecycle.log with a tail

tail -f /var/log/tapeRecycle.log

for erros if something with the backup went wrong.

This should be all. Try it out! I'd be glad if you have any comments or better idea because I'm still not totally into this whole ARKEIA thing. So far it seems to be working :-)

Greetz and lots of fun!

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