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In bootsplash and frambuffer showing CJK in ppc and ioperm
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:06 am    Post subject: In bootsplash and frambuffer showing CJK in ppc and ioperm Reply with quote

I have some complex question,
sorry, my English skill isn't good, and this question a bit long.

Recently I start using bootsplash in my ibook, Thanks for good Howto.
for less use X-windows system, I need some program like unicon or jfbterm
for show CJK character.
There is three package, unicon, jfbterm and zhcon in Gentoo portage.
and only jfbterm have ppc keywords.

zhcon have no ppc keyword, but it well emerged and run.
May I need more test, but it look work with ppc.
just check in bootsplash,
I can't check more correctly that work or not.
because of, that don't support UTF-8, so I just check some unknown
CJK character display.

jfbterm have ppc keyword and emerged and work fine, even if have some problem with UTF-8 locale and Korean locale.
-- I found some patch project for that bug. After more checking, may I will report in bug-Zilla.--
Jfbterm have problem with bootsplash.
There is a error that is
ecec : /bin/bash Oops: Unknown framebuffer ???

Does anyone use jfbterm? with bootsplash?

Unicon doesn't be emerged and manually compiled in my ibook.
Yes, that have no ppc keyword. but I saw, there is Unicon ppc version in debian package. and Unicon ebuild say, Unicon source from debian package.

When they press error, they say

uniconcfg.c:41:22: sys/perm.h: No such file or directory
uniconcfg.c: In function `TestFontExist':
uniconcfg.c:205: error: label at end of compound statement
make: *** [uniconcfg] Error 1

they can't fine no sys/perm.h header file.
and I just check there is no but x86 have.
and there is some more complain message
there is no ioperm...

And I could not make jfbterm work with in bootsplash.
When I emerge or manually compile, or emerge
in doing ./configure
they said

"checking for ioperm... no"
"configure:WARNING: but ioperm() not found on your system, disable vga16fb support"

I don't know anything about programming, but
I think it look same reason why can be emerged unicon in ppc.

I found that in google
I don't know well understand these saying.
but I think, that mean is there is ioperm support in ppc, but glibc
doesn't notice so they don't contain that.
That posting is something old thing. so

Now day's ppc really doesn't have that support, and ioperm doesn't be
supported? or only missing support by glibc? or somthing

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