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HOWTO DVD Shrink in wine
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 5:35 pm    Post subject: HOWTO DVD Shrink in wine Reply with quote

Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to show how to configure wine to be able to shrink your dvds with the windows Program DVD shrink. This document is intented for those who found the first howto and were not able to set it up. This is my first tutorial
Versioning information:

DVD Shrink


You first need to have a working wine environment, which is quite easy to get if you use the winetools. They are not in portage but it should be no problem installing them. They have a nice interface, which is almost like Crossover interface. When you are done with "Internet Explorer updates", "Font updates" , "Microsoft installer updates" (You should however be aware that those updates might some day just be available for real windows installations) you are ready to install. For me winetools setup is superiour compared to winesetuptk.

NOTE: DVD shrink is now listed in the supported software list on winetools page, it may work now out of the box

(1) Create your DVD drive in wine

Change directory to your dosdevices

cd $HOME/.wine/dosdevices

and create a symbolic link from the mountpoint of your dvd drive to the letter you want wine to assign this drive. (Those who are using hal should perhaps insert a dvd to see which mountpoint will be automagically created). The letter anotation is dos/windows-like

ln -s /media/dvd g:

(2) Download needed dlls

Search for shlwapi.dll and uxtheme.dll (Just google, it will take less than 5 minutes to get those dlls)
Then copy them to
cp *.dll .wine/drive_c/windows/system/

(3) Configure wine to do the right thing

Edit your wine config file

nano -w .wine/config

and add the following lines to the DLL overrides section:

; Some native dlls won't work, so leave these builtin.
; Do not modify these lines.
"advapi32" = "builtin";Native version won't work
"avicap32" = "builtin";Hardware related

"shlwapi" = "native"; This is the first line
"uxtheme" = "native";This is the second line

and in the applications section you need to tell wine to use emulation for WindowsXP (I read that the windows version should be NT based)

; MailWasher Pro
"comctl32" = "native"

this was my last entered Application now add:

; DVD Shrink
[AppDefaults\\DVD Shrink 3.1.exe\\Version]

(4) Install dvdshrink

wine /path/to/your/dvdshrink/installation/data/DVD\ Shrink\ Setup.exe

If your installer doesn`t start you definitely have a Problem, unfortunately you have to stop reading here and search on ;-(
Go through the installation Process and pray for the best.

(5) Run DVD Shrink

Insert a dvd and start the application

wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/DVD\ Shrink/DVD\ Shrink\ 3.1.exe

For me it really runs stable and without performance loss compared to native environment

(6) Known issues

For copying dvds with the whole menu information the Program is well suited. The gui browser window however does not work. This is not a real problem for backup purposes. However, this may be a problem if you have ripped a dvd on your harddisk and want to load a file. If you want to to this (although it is wasted disk space as you need a whole backup and 4.7 Gb for your shrinked DVD) you need to load it from the command line in windows notation


wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/DVD\ Shrink/DVD\ Shrink\ 3.1.exe Z:\mnt\dvd_images\my_new_dvd\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO

You will find throughout the internet different dlls you need to change so perhaps theres a better way to do this. If you want to reauthor your dvd there is no real need for windows emulation: Check out lxdvdrip, dvdbackup, dvd9to5......

(7) Reply here for any unusual behaviour, i will append the information.

References: The Wine software database with information about DVD shrink in wine and version information The lovely winetools, not in portage You will need this as executable in /usr/bin to install winetools
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