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Announcement: Apache packages refresh on 8th January 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2004 2:01 pm    Post subject: Announcement: Apache packages refresh on 8th January 2005 Reply with quote


On Saturday 8th January 2005, the Gentoo Apache Herd will release a refresh
of our packages for the Apache httpd daemon and related modules.

As the user, you can expect the following:
- Many bug fixes (see below)
- An easier experience with configuration
- Ability to build and install different MPM's via USE flags
- More updates as the new ebuilds are easier to maintain
- Apache packages moved from net-www to www-apache

We will be adding our ebuilds as unstable (~arch), and they will be
package.mask'd at first until we're confident that they can be unmasked. We
hope to mark these packages as stable as quickly as possible.

The new packages are available now from our overlay [1] for testing. Please
test these packages and report any problems you experience on bugzilla [2],
or on our mailing list at

The Gentoo Apache Team

Upgrade Instructions:

After we have refreshed the packages on 8th Jan, to upgrade you will need to
do the following.

If you do not want to install masked/unstable packages on your machine(s),
these ebuilds will be unmasked and marked stable as soon as we have
determined that everything is working properly.

- unmask all needed packages (using /etc/portage/package.unmask and
- emerge -uav world

With this update, we are bringing some changes to the Apache configuration:

- /etc/apache{,2}/conf is moving to be /etc/apache{,2}
- new httpd.conf replaces commonapache{,2}.conf and apache{,2}.conf files
- /etc/apache{,2}/conf/vhosts is moving to be /etc/apache{,2}/vhosts.d

After installing this update, you will need to manually migrate any changes
you've made to your existing configuration files into the new configuration

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs are fixed in the new packages:

33371 [4], 60515 [5], 63405 [6], 63820 [7], 65570 [8], 65573 [9],
67112 [10], 70610 [11], 70934 [12], 71346 [13]


[4] Adding a new ebuild for
the mod_backhand apache module - load balancing / clustering
[5] The mod_unique_id is
compiled In by default and causes apache to crash during startup
[6] apache-2.0.50-r1
problem with manual doc
[7] apache-2.0.50-r1 ebuild
has minor syntax error in find command which makes macos complain
[8] new ebuild for lingerd 0.94
[9] Add support for lingerd
to apache.
[10] New experimental
ebuilds for apache
[11] apache2 manual config
points to the wrong place
[12] /usr/lib linked in
[13] Request for ebuild for
mod_bandwidth for Apache 2.x

Best regards,
On behalf of the Apache team.
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