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P5AD2 Configuration HOWTO
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 7:24 pm    Post subject: P5AD2 Configuration HOWTO Reply with quote

Firstly, i tried to get all this working with gentoo-dev-sources but
didnt have much luck. Im not an expert when it comes to patching the kernel
so if someone else can get this working with gentoo-dev-sources id be
grateful. The best kernel that i did find was Alan Cox's ac-sources as it
already includes the IT821X IDE support patch.

NOTE: Alot of the stuff here is experimental.

Install the ac kernel


# emerge ac-sources
# cd /usr/src
# rm linux
# ln -s linux-2.6.10-ac12 linux

IT821X controller

Alan Cox's IT821X works perfectly as a built in module. Make sure you enable
it by doing the following:


# cd /usr/src/linux
# make menuconfig

In your config, make sure you have the following:


Device Drivers --->
ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support --->
<*> IT821X IDE support

Gigabit Lan

Most posts on the net refer to version 7.09 of the lan driver. I couldnt
get this to compile properly and kept getting errors in dmesg. There is
however a newer version which works perfectly. To install it do the

Goto and
grab the latest package. At time of writing this was install-8_13.tar.bz2


# tar xfvj install-8_13.tar.bz2
# cd DriverInstall
# ./

At the menu enter (3) to generate a patch. It should automatically find your kernel so just hit ENTER twice to generate the patch

To actually apply the patch follow the instructions. eg:


#cd /usr/src/linux
# cat /home/zebbedi/P5AD2/tmp/DriverInstall/sk98lin_v8.13.1.3_2.6.10_patch | patch -p1

Enable the driver by running


make menuconfig

Make sure you have the following in your config


Device Drivers --->
Networking support --->
Ethernet (1000 Mbit) --->
<*> Marvell Yukon Chipset / SysKonnect SK-98xx Support

Sound Driver

The P5AD2 has a built in C-Media CMI9880 sound card. This took a long time, but eventually i got it working. You MUST
disable ALSA in your 2.6 kernel though! Its not up to date enough, and we need to use the latest ALSA drivers instead.


# cd /usr/src/linux
# make menuconfig

Make sure you disable both ALSA and OSS in your kernel config. Its also very important to keep sound card support as a MODULE. If you dont, the alsa-driver package wont install.


Device Drivers --->
Sound --->
<M> Sound card support
< > Advanced Linux Sound Architecture <-- DISABLE!
< > Open Sound System (DEPRECATED) <-- DISABLE!

Exit and Compile your kernel


make && make modules_install

Install your new kernel, edit grub/lilo and REBOOT. This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you dont reboot and setup sound support to be a module, the drivers wont build later on.

Edit '/etc/portage/package.keywords' and add the following:


media-sound/alsa-headers ~x86
media-libs/alsa-lib ~x86
media-sound/alsa-utils ~x86
media-sound/alsa-driver ~x86

Emerge the latest ALSA packages


# emerge alsa-headers alsa-lib alsa-utils alsa-driver

Run 'alsaconf'

Select your 'azx' card from the list and allow alsaconf to fix your modules files.

Make alsa load by default on boot


#rc-update add alsasound default

Reboot and enjoy a working system.
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