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MOL sound
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 5:27 pm    Post subject: MOL sound Reply with quote

I've got MOL setup so that it successfully boots OS 10.3.

However, neither sound nor networking work. I can live without networking, but I need sound to play media for which there is no Linux/PPC codec.

sound.driver:           oss             # alsa, oss, nosound or any
startboing.enabled:     yes
oss.device:             /dev/dsp

Xine uses those same settings (OSS on /dev/dsp) and plays sound just fine. (Though I can't change the volume, but that's another post.)

In the past, I've used MOL on Yellow Dog Linux to boot this same OS 10.3 installation, at which time I installed the contents of the driver disk installer package.

Now, using it on gentoo, the disk drive popped up again, so I tried reinstalling the installer package. That didn't work, and after rebooting the drive came back.

I then opened up a terminal in OS X, and deleted the two Mol files in /System/Library/Extentions. I rebooted OS X and reinstalled the package again and rebooted again. Still nothing.

I then checked to make sure that OS X was using the Mol audio engine, and it was. Still no sound.

Mol doesn't display any errors.
<*> MolAudio 1.2
Mounting MOL driver disk

I'm using Mol version 0.9.70 from the portage tree.

Can you guys think of anything that I've done wrong? I'm stumped.

Thanks! :-)
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