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trouble with mac dual boot.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 1:28 am    Post subject: trouble with mac dual boot. Reply with quote

I got an Imac g3 free from a friend of the family so I tried doing a reinstall with the cd's that came with it. When that worked I wasn't afraid to install Gentoo on the box because I could always reinstall os9 when I'm done.
It went fine I got it to boot up to Linux, then I realized I had accidentally blown away my os9 partition. I played with the linux a while longer to try to get everything working I got it so it could ping, but dns was still not working so I couldn't ping a website. I figured what big deal is doing another gentoo install so I blew away all except the 4 driver partitions you could not delete and rebooted to reinstall OS9 with my imac software install disk I had restored from before.

To my horror I discovered it could not find the hard drive and the cd driven os9 installer had no way to eject the disk. I finally figured out how to eject the system by getting to the bios it'self commandline like and typing eject cd.

I have been googling for help on how to mount the cd I tried the traditional linux mount command and this system prompt for the firmware.

I know this isn't really a linux question, but does anyone have any advice I can't find any good help files for mac as I'm not sure what's wrong. I almost feel like trying random apple button combinations to see if any of them mounts the hard disk. Any help would be appreciated. I'm planning on buying os X.3 to replace the os, but I'm scared I'll have the same problem with the harddrive.

If anyone knows how I can repair the table so it's visible it would be helpful.

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