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Console Knackered after exiting GNOME
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PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 10:34 pm    Post subject: Console Knackered after exiting GNOME Reply with quote

Hello all,

Very new to Gentoo and Linux, but managed to get most things working OK..., but now this.

Cold boot and everything is fine..., run GNOME, everything is also fine (still can't get audio working, but that's for another thread...).

Exit GNOME, and back at the console prompt, every key I press gets repeated about 150 times.. eg. try typing 'ls' and you get :


or something to that effect...

Consequently, once in this position - nothing I can do other that the three fingered salute....bloody annoing...

The only thing I think I could have done to cause this is change the keyboard type in the GNOME 'control panel' to UK instead of the standard US layout - so changed it back to the default with no joy, also truned off all keyboard accessability features (inc. auto-repeat)... nada...

any ideas out there...?


I only get this when running GNOME as Root - any other user and its OK.

Looks to me like the keyboard repeat rate is the problem...

I can fix the behavious by unplugging the USB keyboard, and then plugging back in again (I gusee coz I'm running hotplug...)

All ideas for a more practical fix still appreciated.

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