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kde and koffice selective build (DO_NOT_COMPILE)
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Ian Goldby

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 9:12 pm    Post subject: kde and koffice selective build (DO_NOT_COMPILE) Reply with quote

The unofficial DO_NOT_COMPILE thread

There have been a number of threads on DO_NOT_COMPILE variables for KDE builds. This thread attempts to pull as much of that as possible together. If you can fill in some of the gaps, please post the information below. (We want the name to put in your DO_NOT_COMPILE string, a description, and anything that depends on it.) Do not post support questions.

When you emerge kde and koffice, you don't have to build everything if you don't want everything. You can set the environment variable DO_NOT_COMPILE="kugar kpresenter" for example to exclude building these particular applications.

KDE 3.2
kdebase - TODO

kdepim has many components and a lot of dependencies. If you are not careful with DO_NOT_COMPILE, the build will fail.
  • kabc - required by KAddressbook?
  • kdgantt - required by KOrganiser?
  • kfile-plugins - required
  • kgantt - required by KOrganiser
  • kioslaves - required
  • kmailcvt - required by KMail?
  • kmobile - required by Kandy?
  • kresources - required
  • ktnef - required
  • libical - required by KOrganiser?
  • libkdenetwork - required
  • libksieve - required
  • mimelib - required
  • libkcal - required by KOrganiser?
  • certmanager - certificate manager
  • korn - KDE mailbox checker
  • knotes - sticky desktop notes
  • libkdepim - required by KMail
  • kpilot - desktop HotSync for 3Com PalmPilot
  • ksync - required by KAddressBook, KOrganiser, etc
  • kitchensync - 'universal syncing tool'; Kontact works without it
  • kalarmd - required by KOrganiser
  • knode - newsgroup reader
  • kmail - email client
  • karm - tracks time spent on various tasks
  • kandy - synchronises mobile phone data with desktop
  • kaddressbook - KDE address book
  • libkpimexchange - required by KOrganiser
  • kalarm - alarms, command, and email scheduler
  • korganizer - calendar, to do list and reminder alarms
  • konsolekalendar - commandline interface to KOrganiser (not required)
  • kontact - combines KMail, KAddressBook, KOrganiser and KNotes

kdeaddons - TODO

kdeartwork - TODO

kdeedu - TODO

kdegames - TODO

kdegraphics - TODO

kdemultimedia - TODO

  • kit - AOL chat
  • kmail - mail client
  • knewsticker - desktop news ticker
  • knode - newsreader
  • kpf - file sharing
  • kppp - PPP front-end (dialup modems)
  • krdc - remote desktop
  • krfb - another remote desktop (?)
  • ksirc - IRC chat
  • ktalkd - talk (?)

There seems to be some overlap here with kdepim (kmail and knode). Can anyone enlighten?

kdeutils - TODO

koffice 1.3
  • kword - Word processor
  • kspread - Spread sheet
  • karbon - Vector drawing package
  • kpresenter - Presentation (slides) software
  • kformulat - Equation editor
  • kugar - Database report generator
  • krita - Painting program; not yet in 1.3 (?)
I got these from the file. There doesn't seem to be an exact correspondance between these and the application names in the release announcement - e.g. apparently there is no DO_NOT_COMPILE for kivio, but if you know different, or of any other corrections to this list, please contribute them below.


You can either set the DO_NOT_COMPILE variable from the command line (e.g. # DO_NOT_COMPILE="kugar" emerge koffice) or add it to your /etc/make.conf file.

Please do not post questions to this thread. Support questions should go into the Desktop Environments forum.
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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2005 2:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
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