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HOWTO: phpBB using MySQL Administrator
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 6:10 pm    Post subject: HOWTO: phpBB using MySQL Administrator Reply with quote

Abstract: I searched for a phpBB howto that used MySQL-Administrator and I couldn't find it. It turned out that phpBB is incredibly easy to set up, so this guide should be extremely easy to follow. However, I do not use the phpBB ebuild in this howto, so you will need to keep it updated manually. I should take a moment to say that it is critical that you keep phpBB up to date and never get even a week behind on updates as phpBB has a pretty spotty security record.

To begin, you may find this guide helpful to getting Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed and running. I will assume that you already have Apache and mod_php installed.

Step 1. Install MySQL and MySQL-Administrator:
emerge mysql

That may have taken a little while, but that's what you get for compiling from scratch. Now to install MySQL-Administrator:
emerge mysql-administrator

Now you will need to create a root user account as described here, which say:
# as root,
$ /usr/bin/mysql_install_db
$ /usr/bin/mysql -u root
Now that you're inside,
mysql>SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('your_new_password_here');
mysql>SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'hostname_or_dnsDomainName' = PASSWORD('its_new_password_here');

( A word of caution: if this step screws up somehow, like it did for me, you will want to delete the database that was created like this: rm -rfv /var/lib/mysql
I may have re-emerged MySQL after that, I don't remember. )

Step 2. Extract phpBB into your webspace.
Assuming that you have Apache/mod_php running ok, head over to and download your software. Extract it to your htdocs however you want...for this example we'll assume that you've got created.

Step 3. Create an entry in MySQL.
Type mysql-administrator at the command prompt (this is a GUI application so you must have X running). Now it will ask you to log in, so make sure you're logging into "localhost" with user "root" and the password you set just a minute ago.
Now you're into your server.
See the icons on the left? Click on "Catalogs". A small area should appear below "Catalogs" labeled "Schemata". There should be two entries, "mysql" and "test". You may safely delete "test" if you want, but do not touch "mysql".
Right click the white space around them and select "Create Schemata". Name it "phpbb" or something. Now go on up to "User Administration" and let's create a user account for phpBB to use. See the area at the bottom left with "root" and possibly a nameless account in it? Right click that area and select "New User". Type in whatever User Information you want (change the name to forum or whatever), and be sure you remember the password you give it (btw, you won't be using this password yourself, so use something invincible, like the md5sum of your background picture or something).
In the bottom left again, right click your new user and select "Add Host". You will need to decide from where this user account will be accessible. If your MySQL server is the same box as your webserver, select "Local Host". If your MySQL server and webserver are separate machines, type in the IP or hostname of that in the "Hostname or IP" box. I do not advise you do make it accessible from "Any host".
Now, still on this user, in the top middle of MySQL-Administrator you will see a tab labeled "Schema Privaleges". You will need to give this user account permission to access the phpbb database. So Click on phpbb where you see it in the "Schema" column, select all the "Available Permissions" and bring them over with the arrow button in the center of the screen. It is possible that the user account does not need all of these permissions but I am uncertain. Now click Apply Changes.

Step 4. So many words for something so simple, eh? Close out MySQL-Administrator, you're done. Point your webbrowser to follow the directions there. You are now prepared to pick up here. In my example, the Database Server Hostname will the the IP address/hostname of your database server, ie "localhost". The database name is "phpbb", the database name is "forum", and the password is the md5sum of your desktop background ;)

Step 5. Build a community.

Edit: I have copied all of this to my blog.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 7:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use phpbb on several forums, while they do have incidences occassionally with security holes. They are promptly fixed and made available.

The newer versions remove the phpbb version (so it's only noticable in the admin panel). Which helps avoid scripted attacks.
Woof, Woof! Add "[solved]" to the title! Woof, Woof!
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