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gensplash+bash_profile lead to weird problem
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 5:45 am    Post subject: gensplash+bash_profile lead to weird problem Reply with quote

Hi, I've reinstalled gentoo on my laptop, and I decided to not install X for at least a month, to see how i could
get along without it. It's been fun and I've learned a lot, and I've been real good about googling and reading
the man pages and docs for answers, but I've come across a problem that has me stumped. Basically, I'm using a
custom made gensplash theme following the instructions in the gentoo-wiki, and I get a broken red line going
vertically down my screen.

Here's the story: I wanted to get a personalized splash screen when I logged in at the console. I followed the
instructions for getting gensplash to work at boot, and it did. Then I got rid of the initrd and the gensplash
specific stuff in grub because that wasn't what I wanted, and I added this to my .bash_profile:

if [ $TERM = "linux" ]
then VCON=$(tty)
/usr/bin/splash_manager --tty=$VCN -m s -t mine -c set

Then I added this to my .bash_logout:

/sbin/splash_util --tty=$VCN -c off

This works too, pretty much how I wanted it. But once I log in, if I switch to another VC (where I'm logged in
without a splash screen), when I switch back there is a single-pixel vertical red line that lies exactly on the
left border of the textbox in my splash theme. It isn't a solid line, either: the red marks correspond to where
text is visible in the other VC. Here's my splash theme:


Let me try to describe it more explicitly: on VC1 I am logged in with my splash screen. The textbox starts 25
pixels from the left edge of the screen. If I switch to VC2, and draw an imaginary line down the screen, 25
pixels from the left edge of my screen, that line will intersect the characters that appear on the screen at a
certain number of pixels with coordinates (25,y1), (25,y2), et cetera. When I switch back to VC1, the pixels at
those coordinates on the line ((25,y1), (25,y2), ....) are now red. The rest of my screen looks as it should.

Any ideas? I tried this with a couple other themes, and the problem didn't appear. It's just in my theme, which
is weird because mine is so simple, and it looks right. I compared my theme config with others, and I don't see
any typos or syntax errors. I am perplexed.

If anyone knows what I did wrong, or has any ideas or suggestions, I'd love to here them. Or if you know a
better way to write my bash_profile/logout to do the job, I'd appreciate those suggestions too. I'm not very
experienced with writing shell scripts.


I forgot to mention that I had to change the permissions for /dev/fbsplash to get it to start when I login. To do this I added a line for fbsplash in my udev rules file, so that it would be belong to the group "fbsplash", which I also had to create and add myself to.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2005 6:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moved from Desktop Environments to Duplicate Threads.

Better try to get help in this thread.
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