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mirror display on external monitor
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:37 pm    Post subject: mirror display on external monitor Reply with quote

Is it possible to use the external VGA jack on an iBook G4? When I plug it in I get a scrambled screen in X. I tried to boot with the jack plugged in, but this just gave my a solid white screen, until X came up, and then it became scrambled again.

Anyone have this working, or can share what things I need to do?

I would like to mirror the desktop image (ie. the exact display is on the external monirot and on the laptop screen), so I can use the laptop with a projector. Right now I'm just testing with my desktop monitor.

EDIT: I realised that I can use the VGA output if I close the lid of the laptop right after I hit the power to the laptop. This however does not solve my mirroring problem, becasue the display on the laptop gets garbled insted of the external VGA. Also it isn't very nice to reboot evertime I want to use a projector, since often speed is necessary when setting up.

EDIT2: I'm making some progress. I was able to get the output cloned on the external display by using the advice in this thread:

My only problem now is that I am still gettign hte flicker that people are reporting. I upgraded to the latest xorg-x11 in portage, but it unfortunatly doesn't fix the problem.

So now I have 2 questions:
1. How can I fix the flicker? Is there some patch that will fix this. Should I try the CVS version of xorg (I would prefer not to.)
2. Will the flicker hurt the display of my iBook? The flickering only appears on the laptop display, so I could deal with it when giving presentations... knowing it won't fry my laptop.
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